Christian Movie Trailer | "The Refiner's Fire"

December 9, 2021

Chen Xinjie, a church leader, is tracked and monitored by the Chinese Communist Party police in 2006 in the course of her doing her duty. She ends up arrested along with a church deacon, Zhao Guilan. In an effort to obtain information regarding other church leaders and where church funds are kept, the police interrogate and pressure them to answer their questions in turn, even using tactics such as beating them and suspending them from handcuffs. Seeing that Chen Xinjie refuses to speak, they take her to a secret interrogation location, strip off all her clothing to humiliate her, and electrocute her until she loses consciousness. When she feels that she is hovering between life and death, she uses her last bit of strength to call out to God in prayer. While unconscious, she sees a chorus of angels singing a hymn of God's words to encourage her, leading her back from the brink of death. She stands firm in her faith and swears to bear witness to God to humiliate Satan. Seeing their brutal torture methods aren't working with her, the police seek out her husband in an attempt to tug on her heartstrings to coerce and entice her into betraying God and selling out the church. They dispatch spies twice to get close to Chen Xinjie and gain information on the church. By leaning on God, she doesn't fall for Satan's tricks, but the police still refuse to give up. Then on one windy, snowy day, they transport both Chen Xinjie and Zhao Guilan to a reeducation through labor camp where they are forced to strip off their clothes in front of hundreds of prisoners, exposing their naked bodies in front of everyone. …

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