Christian Testimony Video | "The Trial of the Descendants of Moab"

May 7, 2020

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In Almighty God's judgment work of the last days, He tests, refines, purifies, and transforms people through His words. Between 1991 and 1997, God's chosen people underwent the trial of the service-doers, the trial of death, the time of loving God, the trial of the foils, the trial of the descendants of Moab, and the trial of the children of the great red dragon. Throughout these trials, Almighty God expressed truths to expose, judge, sustain, and guide His chosen people according to their notions of God's work and the corruption they revealed. After going through all of this, God's chosen people's motivations behind their faith were somewhat rectified, and their faith became much more pure. Their corrupt dispositions were also cleansed somewhat; they all felt how practical God's work of purification and salvation for mankind is. They wrote out their personal experiences and gains to bear witness to God's love and salvation. The Christian in this video recounts her experience of the trial of the descendants of Moab, what she gained from it, and how it changed her.

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