Christian Testimony Video | "To Report or Not to Report"

August 3, 2020

While working in the church, the main character discovers that the team leader is always careless and irresponsible in his duty, and he refuses to accept the pointers and help offered by brothers and sisters. He is one of the false leaders and workers who don't do practical work and should be exposed and reported. However, the main character is afraid of offending him and causing trouble for herself, so she drags her feet in speaking up about the problem in an effort to protect herself. This delays the work of the church. After experiencing the judgment of God's words, she gains understanding of her selfish and devious corrupt disposition and begins to hate it. Ultimately, she does expose and report the team leader in accordance with God's requirements, and he is dismissed. This experience shows her that the truth and righteousness reign in God's house, and this strengthens her faith to practice the truth and be an honest person.

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