Christian Testimony Video | "The Trial of a Foil"

June 3, 2020

All true believers in God long to be saved and to get into the kingdom of heaven, and the main character in this film is no exception. After gaining his faith, he expends himself enthusiastically, suffers, and pays a price, all to get into the kingdom of heaven. He thinks that by having such a pursuit, He'll gain God's approval, get into His kingdom, and become one of the people of God's kingdom. But when he sees God's words that expose the people of China as nothing but foils for God's work, and that without gaining life in their faith, they'll ultimately be eliminated, he loses all hope of gaining blessings and falls into the misery of refinement…. How does he ultimately grasp the true meaning of being a foil through the guidance of God's words, and make it through this trial? Watch The Trial of a Foil to find out.

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