Christian Video ''Unchaining the Heart'' | Can We Control Our Own Fates?

April 17, 2018

Chen Zhi was born into an impoverished farming family. At school, "Knowledge can change your fate" and "One's destiny is in his own hand" as taught by the school became his mottos. He believed that as long as he constantly worked hard, he would be able to be a cut above the rest, and achieve merit and fame. On graduation from university, Chen Zhi found a quite well-paid job in foreign trade. However, he was not at all satisfied with his current circumstances. In order to realize his ideal of being a cut above others, he quit his job and set up his own trading company. But the good times did not last for long. Because the operation was not well-run, clients became fewer, and the company's business slackened off. In the end, the company could not continue operating. After the firm went out of business, Chen Zhi was most unwilling to accept failure. He believed that by relying on his own intelligence and ability, as long as he persevered he would be able to make a comeback. Later on, Chen Zhi set up a digital marketing website and established a business on the Internet. After rushing about busily for a number of years, he still ended up in failure. Chen Zhi sank into profound distress and hopelessness …

In 2016, Chen Zhi's family went to the United States to live. With the help of his wife, he accepted the last days' work of Almighty God. Through reading the words of God, Chen Zhi eventually understood that God controls the destiny of mankind, and that man simply cannot change his own destiny relying on his own ability. He also knew the source of man's distress during his life, and how Satan has corrupted mankind. He came to know that if man is to live a meaningful life, then he must come before God, accept the judgment and chastisement of God's words to obtain cleansing, and live relying on the words of God, and only then will he obtain God's praise. Chen Zhi understood some truths in the words of Almighty God, established a correct outlook on life, entrusted his whole life to God, obeyed God's control and arrangements, and finally rid himself of the yoke on his soul of "One's destiny is in his own hand," and obtained release and freedom. From then on he walked onto the bright and correct path of life.

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