Christian Testimony Video | "I Finally Understand What It Means to Fulfill My Duty" (English Dubbed)

September 12, 2020

Our narrator's duty in the church is to sing and compose songs, and she generally puts her heart into performing and practicing music. But whenever she faces difficulty and needs to sacrifice a little more, she always seeks to muddle through and avoid making an effort. Her projects are returned one after another and work progress is delayed. Judged, exposed, dealt with and pruned by God's words, she realizes how the scummy part of her nature has led her to be perfunctory and irresponsible in doing her duty, deceive others, and deceive God, causing her to lose her honor and integrity, and making her untrustworthy. She's filled with regret and starts to seek and practice the truth to resolve her corrupt disposition of being careless, and finally she starts to perform her duty with devotion.

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