English Christian Song | "The Warning of God's Destruction of Sodom to Mankind"

July 5, 2024


In regard to all of the evil deeds committed by the people of Sodom,

harming God's servants was only the tip of the iceberg,

and their wicked nature that was thus revealed

actually amounted to no more than a drop in a vast sea.

Therefore, God chose to destroy them with fire.

God didn't use a flood, nor did He use a hurricane, earthquake,

tsunami or any other method to destroy the city.

He used fire to destroy this city.

It meant the city's total destruction;

it meant that the city vanished entirely from the earth and from existence.


Here, "destruction" not only refers to

the vanishing of the city's form and structure or outer appearance;

it also means that the souls of the people inside the city ceased to exist,

having been utterly eradicated.

All people, events and things associated with the city were destroyed.

There would be no next life,

or reincarnation for the people of that city;

God had eradicated them

from the humanity of His creation, for all eternity.

The use of fire signified an end to sin in this place,

and that sin had been curbed there;

this sin would cease to exist and spread.

It meant that Satan's wickedness had lost its nurturing soil

as well as the graveyard that granted it a place to stay and to live.


In the war between God and Satan,

God's use of fire is the brand of His victory,

with which Satan is marked.

God's use of fire is the brand of His victory,

with which Satan is marked.

Sodom's destruction is a great misstep in Satan's ambition to oppose God

by corrupting and devouring men;

it's a humiliating sign of a time in humanity's development

when man rejected God's guidance and abandoned himself to vice.

Furthermore, it is a record of a true revelation

of God's righteous disposition, of God's righteous disposition.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique II

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