English Christian Song | "The Way to Know God's Authority"

June 16, 2024


Knowledge of God's authority, God's power,

God's own identity, and God's essence

cannot be achieved by relying on your imagination.

The way to do this is through eating and drinking God's words,

through fellowship, and through experiencing the words of God.

Thus, you will have a gradual experience and verification of God's authority

and you will gain a gradual understanding and incremental knowledge of it.

This is the only way to achieve the knowledge of God's authority;

there are no shortcuts, there are no shortcuts.


Asking you not to imagine

is not the same as making you sit passively to await destruction,

or stopping you from doing anything.

Not using your brain to think and imagine means not using logic to infer,

not using knowledge to analyze, not using science as the basis,

but instead appreciating, verifying,

and confirming that the God you believe in has authority,

confirming that He holds sovereignty over your fate,

and that His power at all times proves Him to be the true God Himself,

through His words, through the truth,

through everything that you encounter in life.

This is the only way that anyone can achieve an understanding of God.

This is the only way that anyone can achieve an understanding of God.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique I

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