Christian Drama | "Weathering the Storm" (English Dubbed)

August 16, 2020

Zhang Hong'en, once a preacher in a house church, accepted Almighty God's work of the last days five years ago. One day, he finds out that Luo Tao, who he worked with in the old days, has been expelled from the church for doing evil and resisting God. He's thrown into confusion: Luo Tao has been a believer for many years, he gave up his family and expended himself for God, and he didn't betray God even when he was arrested and put into prison. How could someone like that be designated as evil and expelled? How does God determine if someone is good or evil? Who does God save, who does He eliminate, and who can gain full salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven? How is Zhang Hong'en's confusion resolved in the end? Watch Weathering the Storm to find out.

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