Christian Testimony Video | What Lies Behind a "Good Image"

August 1, 2021

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The main character, the church's gospel deacon, notices problems in how brothers and sisters are performing their duties, but she never brings them up out of fear of offending them and ruining their positive image of her. She only brings up more palatable things and comforts others. Upon realizing this, a sister exposes her hypocrisy, leaving her feeling very ashamed. Through the revelations of God's words, she recognizes that the essence of this tendency of hers is that she is misleading and ensnaring others, and getting brothers and sisters to look up to her and adore her in spite of the damage it does to their lives. She sees how despicable and evil she is and that she is on the path of an antichrist. These realizations fill her with remorse—she prays to God and repents. When she finds herself in this kind of situation again, she accepts God's scrutiny and practices the truth of being an honest person. She is able to turn herself around.

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