Christian Testimony Video | "What's Keeping Me From Following God?"

September 28, 2021

In hard times, sincerely rely on God and you will find that God’s hand has never left you. Would you like to learn God’s words and rely on God?


She is a church deacon. The two leaders of her church are arrested by the police at the same time. Afraid of being arrested, she puts down her duty and flees to another province, nearly causing losses to the church's work. Through reading the words of God she sees that she abandoned her duty in the face of danger, was cravenly clinging to life and afraid of death, was only concerned about protecting herself, and had absolutely no faith in or loyalty to God. Full of regret, she repents before Him. Through prayer, relying on God, and seeking the truth, she gains an understanding of God's almightiness and sovereignty, and is no longer constrained by a fear of death. Even in an environment in which the Chinese Communist Party is arresting and persecuting people left and right, she still returns to her church and continues doing her duty, as well stands firm in her testimony.

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