English Christian Song | "What Saddens God Most of All"

May 5, 2024


The efforts God has devoted to man prove His essence of love for man,

and man's every action before Him proves

his essence of hatred toward the truth and opposition to God.

At all times, God is concerned for all who follow Him,

yet at no time

are those who follow Him able to comprehend His words;

they are not even able to accept His suggestions.

This is what saddens God most of all.

No one has ever been able to understand God

and nor, moreover, has anyone ever been able to accept Him,

even though His attitude is sincere, and His words are gentle.


Everyone tries to do the work God has entrusted to them

according to their own ideas;

they do not seek His intentions,

let alone do they ask what He requires of them.

They still claim to serve Him loyally,

all while they rebel against Him.

Many believe that the truths that are unacceptable to them

or that they cannot practice are not truths.

In such people, God's truths become something

that is denied and cast aside.

At the same time, people recognize Him as God in word,

people recognize Him as God in word,

yet also believe Him an outsider

who is not the truth, the way, or the life.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Ought to Consider Your Deeds

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