Christian Testimony Video | "Who Gave Me My Freedom?"

September 14, 2021

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After the main character is reported for believing in God, the Communist Party threatens her husband's job in an effort to force her into giving up her faith. Wanting to preserve his position and paycheck, her husband begins trying to coerce her into no longer practicing her faith, using both the carrot and the stick. He brings in her entire family to gang up on her and brings up the prospect of divorce, demanding that she make a choice between their family and her faith. Being browbeat time and time again leaves her in pain, feeling weak, and in a terrible dilemma. But later, through prayer and seeking the truth and under the guidance of God's words, she gains discernment over Satan's scheme and clearly sees the Communist Party's evil essence as an enemy of God. Ultimately, she makes the wise choice and feels at peace within her soul.

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