English Christian Song | "Who Has Ever Understood God's Heart?"

June 23, 2024


God has given His all to you without holding anything back,

without ever enjoying worldly glory, the warmth or love among man,

or all of the blessings among man.

People are so mean toward Him,

He has never enjoyed all of the riches on earth,

He devotes the entirety of His sincere, passionate heart to man,

He has devoted His entirety to mankind—

and who has ever given Him warmth?

Who has ever given Him comfort?

Man has piled all pressure upon Him,

they have handed all misfortune to Him,

they have forced the most unfortunate experiences among man on Him,

they blame Him for all injustice, and He has tacitly accepted it.

Has He ever protested to anyone?

Has He ever asked for a little recompense from anyone?

Who has ever shown any sympathy toward Him?


As normal people, who of you did not have a romantic childhood?

Who did not have a colorful youth, or the warmth of loved ones?

Who is without the love of relatives and friends, or the respect of others?

Who is without a warm family or the comfort of their confidants?

Has God ever enjoyed any of this?

Who has ever given Him a little warmth, or a shred of comfort?

Who has ever shown Him a little human morality?

Who has ever been tolerant of Him, or been with Him during difficult times?

Who has ever passed the hard life with Him?

Man has never relaxed their requirements of Him;

they merely make demands of Him without any scruples.

How could man, who lives in the flesh,

treat the God incarnate who has come from the Spirit as God?

Who among man could know Him?


Where is the truth among man?

Where is true righteousness?

Who can know God's disposition, or compete with the God in heaven?

No wonder that, when God has come among man, no one has known Him,

and He has been rejected, been rejected.

How can man tolerate God's existence,

or allow the light to drive out darkness of the world?

Isn't this all man's honorable devotion?

Isn't this man's upright entry?

Isn't God's work centered around man's entry?

God would that you conflate God's work with man's entry,

and establish a good relationship between man and God,

and perform the duty that man should perform to the best of your abilities.

In this way, God's work will come to an end,

with His gaining glory as its conclusion!

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Work and Entry (10)

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