2020 Praise Songs With Lyrics - Hymn Collection

April 7, 2020

00:00:00:00【God’s Three Stages of Work Have Utterly Saved Man】

00:03:35:00【God’s Glory Shines From the East】

00:07:34:16【The Movement of God’s Work in the Universe】

00:14:04:05【God’s Authority and Power Revealed in the Flesh】

00:17:59:25【Only God Has the Way of Life】

00:27:14:24【God’s Love Is Most Real】

00:32:42:13【Seven Thunders Come Forth From the Throne】

00:38:26:13【God Saves Those Who Worship God and Shun Evil】

00:43:00:16【God’s Hopes for Mankind Have Not Changed】

00:46:45:14【God’s Humbleness Is So Lovable】

00:50:16:24【The Symbol of God’s Disposition】

00:58:53:11【All Under the Creator’s Authority Is Utterly Perfect】

01:03:25:11【Do You Know God’s Work】

01:07:07:11【Only Those Who Fear God Live With Dignity】

01:10:09:23【God’s Wisdom Comes Forth Based on Satan’s Plots】

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