111 I Am Walking the Path to the Kingdom

1 I am walking the path to the kingdom, reading God’s words while looking up to Him. His words are meaningful and earnest; His instructions are etched in my heart. God is concerned about me, His heart in pieces from worry, and He is fearful that I might be deceived and devastated by Satan. God’s words guided me and gave my life direction; only then was I able to set foot upon this path.

2 I look back on the years of running through wind and rain, following evil trends and losing all human likeness. As a sojourner, I wandered through the world, my heart full of darkness and without a shred of hope. It was the judgment and revelation of God’s words that allowed me to see through the darkness and evil of the world. God saved me from the afflictions of Satan, and in the embrace of God’s words, I grew healthy and strong.

3 The fact revealed by the judgment of God’s words is the ugliness of my corruption. I am arrogant, greedy, and selfish, and so thoroughly riddled with lies and deceit that I have no human likeness. Full of remorse, I prostrate myself before God, willing to submit to His judgment. I am determined to pursue the truth and become a new person, practice God’s words, and live out human likeness.

4 I am walking the path to the kingdom, happily spreading the gospel and bearing testimony to God. The path to the kingdom is exceptionally arduous and perilous, and arrests and persecution by the Chinese Communist Party grow more savage by the day. Without faith and courage, I would be unable to move a single step forward; God’s words encourage me and give me strength. With God to guide me, I move forward with steadfast steps, loyally following Him to the very end.

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