97 I Am Walking on the Road to the Kingdom

Verse 1

Wow, wow.

Walking to the kingdom,

reading God’s words, I look up to Him.

Oh, such meaningful words,

deeply earnest, etched upon my heart.

Chorus 1

God, You’re worried that

I might be deceived, shattered by Satan.

Your words directed me,

gave me true life, put me on this path.

Verse 2

Wow, wow.

Through Your work and Your words,

I saw this world’s evil and darkness.

How corrupted I was,

battered by such evil temptations.

Chorus 2

There I wandered the world,

no shred of hope, heart filled with darkness.

It was You who saved me.

Wrapped in Your words, I grew well and strong.


God’s words reveal the truth,

my corruption, my repulsiveness.

Selfish, greedy and proud,

riddled with lies, almost inhuman!

At God’s feet I fall down,

filled with remorse, bow to His judgment.

Resolve to seek the truth,

be made anew, not cause God concern.

Verse 3

Walking to the kingdom,

happy I am, sharing the gospel.

What a hard road to walk,

persecution grows more every day.

Chorus 3

I could not move one step;

God’s words lead me, give faith and courage.

Follow God to the end.

Approved by God, I would die happy.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Approved by God, I would die happy.

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