110 Walking the Correct Path in Life

1 All of God’s words are the truth; the more I read of them, the more enlightened I become. I see clearly that the source of the world’s evil and darkness is Satan holding power. Living under Satan’s domain and reaping the pleasures of sin brings nothing but suffering. I chased after fame and fortune, strove against destiny, and had my fill of the bitter taste of corruption. Living for the flesh, by Satan’s philosophies, I was like a beast. It was God’s exposure and judgment that made me see just how profoundly corrupt humans are. Thanks to His judgment and chastisement of me, I am living out a human likeness. In following Christ, I have understood many truths; these are all God’s blessings.

2 Through trials and tribulations, I saw just how many corrupt dispositions were revealed in me. I saw everything based on my imagination and notions, and always thought I was pretty good. I was arrogant and self-righteous, doing whatever I pleased, and I refused to obey anyone. Completely unaware of just how I was disobeying and resisting God, it took several times of being pruned and dealt with before I submitted before Him and came to know myself. Amidst trials and refinement, I often felt negative and weak, but with the comfort and guidance of God’s words, I made a firm resolution to pursue the truth. No matter how many more trials I encountered, I would no longer be negative or retreat. God’s judgment and chastisement are what have saved me, and deep down, I will always praise Him.

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