841 The Way to Be Perfected by God

Verse 1

The more you understand God’s words

and put them into practice,

the faster you can start to walk

the path of perfection.

Through prayer, you can be perfected.

And by taking in God’s words,

grasping and living them,

you’ll also be made perfect.

Verse 2

By experiencing God’s words,

you should become aware of

what’s lacking in yourself,

and see your fatal flaw

and all your other weaknesses;

you should seek and pray to God.

And over time, by doing this,

you will be made perfect.

Chorus 1

The path to perfection is praying

and drinking in God’s words,

understanding what they mean

and experiencing them,

coming to know what you are lacking,

submitting to God’s work,

caring for God’s burden

and forsaking the flesh

through your love of God,

and joining frequent fellowship,

which can enrich your lives.

Verse 3

Whether it be in community,

or if it be in private,

or if it be in groups big or small,

they can all help you

to acquire the experience,

and train your heart to be

quiet in God’s presence

and return to Him.

All of this is part of the process

of being made perfect.

Verse 4

Experience and taste God’s words

to let you live them out,

so you can gain a greater faith

and greater love for God.

And in time you can get rid of

your satanic disposition;

you can give up wrong motives,

live like a normal person.

Chorus 2

The greater love for God within—

the more you’ve been perfected—

the less you will be possessed

by Satan’s corruption.

Through real experience,

in time you will set foot

on the path to perfection.

If you wish to be made perfect,

you must remain mindful

of the will of God and live out His words.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Be Mindful of God’s Will in Order to Attain Perfection

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