60 We Are the Most Blessed of All Generations

1 Before, we were wayward and impulsive, we were heedless of our parents’ words, we followed the trends of the world, we were addicted to online games, we lived amid corruption, we were greedy for comforts and took pleasure in ourselves, and we had no life goals; truly, we were decadent and depraved. When we heard the voice of God, we returned to His house, where, each day, we eat and drink of His words and lead a church life. Reflecting upon each of our words and actions in light of God’s words, we have seen the truth of our having been corrupted by Satan. We frequently lie and engage in deception, and there is too much filth in the depths of our hearts; we merely perform our duties in a perfunctory manner, which really is a way of cheating God; we are arrogant and self-righteous, as well as being headstrong and totally lacking in normal sense; and after undergoing the judgment of God’s words, we are extremely full of remorse. We hate ourselves, and hate our satanic disposition even more; we are determined to practice the truth and live before God. It is by God’s mercy and grace that we have this opportunity today to truly repent, and it is thanks to Almighty God’s salvation that we have broken away from Satan’s influence.

2 We gather in the church, and each perform our respective duties. When encountering problems and difficulties, we look up to God and entrust them to Him. Though friction may occur in how we cooperate, we pray and engage in self-reflection, and amid God’s words, our barriers and misunderstandings disappear. When we encounter trials and tribulations, despite our weaknesses of the flesh, we quietly come before God to eat and drink of His words and understand His will. God has the great red dragon render service for Him so that He may perfect the people of His kingdom. Relying on God, we stand firm in our testimony, and praise Him for His righteousness and almightiness! We who have been lifted before God are the most blessed of all generations; in experiencing the judgment of His words, our corruption is being cleansed. We have become less arrogant and wayward, and less deceitful and fake; we have now learned to submit to the truth and live out a new human likeness. How blessed we are that we can follow Christ and understand many truths. We shall practice being honest people, and perform our duties faithfully. With one heart and mind, we shall testify to God and satisfy His will.

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