601 What Will Be Your End?

1 The end is near for all things and all the heavens and earth arrive at their conclusion. How can man escape the end of his existence? How can those who revere God and long for Him to appear not see the day of God’s righteous appearance? How can they not receive the final reward for goodness? Are you one who does good, or one who does evil? Are you one who accepts righteous judgment and then obeys, or then is cursed? Have you been living in light before the seat of judgment, or in darkness in the underworld? Are you yourself not the one who knows most clearly whether your end will be one of reward or one of punishment? Are you not the one who knows most clearly and understands most deeply that God is righteous? So, truly, how is your conduct and what kind of heart do you have? How much have you given up for Me? How deeply do you worship Me? You yourself know most clearly how you are toward Me—is that not true? You should know better than anyone how you will ultimately end up!

2 Truly I am telling you, I only created mankind, and I created you, but I did not hand you to Satan; neither did I intentionally make you rebel against or resist Me and therefore be punished by Me. Have you not earned these calamities because your hearts have been overly hard and your conduct overly despicable? So is it not true that you can determine your own end? Is it not true that you know in your hearts, better than anyone, how you will end up? The reason I am conquering people is to reveal them, and also to better ensure your salvation. It is not to have you do evil or to deliberately have you walk into the hell of destruction. When the time comes, all your great suffering, your weeping and gnashing of teeth—will not all of that be because of your sins? Thus, is not your own goodness or your own evil the best judgment of you? Is it not the best proof of what your end will be?

Adapted from “The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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