383 Who Can Escape the Coming of God’s Light?

Verse 1

As mankind lies in a coma,

only the peals of God’s thunder

awaken them from their dreams.

And when they open up their eyes,

these blasts of cold radiance hurt them,

such that they lose sense of direction,

not knowing where they have come from,

not knowing where they’re going to.

Chorus 1

When struck by the laser-like beams,

most people are forced to collapse in the storm.

Their bodies are swept away in the torrents,

leaving behind not a single trace.

Bridge 1

Finally, the survivors are able

to behold God’s face clearly in the light,

coming to know something of His appearance.

So they no longer dare to look Him in the face,

lest He visit His chastisement and curses

once more upon them, upon their own flesh.

Verse 2

So many people cry out,

cry out and weep bitterly;

so many fall into despair;

many form rivers with their blood.

Some are aimless drifting corpses;

others find their place in the light,

only to feel heartache and shed tears

for their long years of unhappiness.

Chorus 2

So many people, compelled by the light,

confess their uncleanness, resolve to reform;

so many, being blinded, lose the joy of life,

ignore the light, stagnate and await their end.

Bridge 2

Many people are hoisting up the sails of life,

and under the guidance of the light,

they eagerly anticipate their tomorrow.

Who among mankind does not exist in these states?

And who does not exist within God’s light?

Be you strong or weak, how can you avoid His light?

Adapted from “Chapter 13” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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