174 Recognize That Christ Is Forever the Truth

1 In the past, when I believed in the Lord, I was ignorant of the reality of the truth. I could not distinguish between true leaders, and false leaders and antichrists. I would venerate, worship, follow any who could expound the theories of the Bible. I thought that whoever worked and suffered greatly for the church was a good leader. I naively thought that by following them, I could enter the heavenly kingdom.

2 Only after experiencing judgment did I realize how ridiculous, laughable, my thinking was. I had never discerned people by the truth, but by conceptions and imaginings. I did whatever the leader said and thought that I was obeying God. I worshiped status and power; God had not the slightest place in my heart. Only today do I realize how truly misguided my belief in God was.

3 Today, I appreciate just how difficult it is to gain the truth and the life in the belief in God. Only by experiencing God’s judgment and practicing the truth can I truly know God. When people don’t know God, however much their good behavior, it is still hypocrisy. No matter how good people’s conceptions and imaginings, they are fallacious, and incompatible with the truth. Only God’s words are the truth, only His words can cleanse and save people.

4 When we believe in God, we must believe that Christ is the truth, and we must not follow people. When we understand the truth and know God, we will naturally be able to identify different types of people. When we believe in God, we must only practice obedience to the truths of God’s words, and must be wary of people. Without the truth, without the ability to differentiate, we are bound to be deceived, and bring destruction upon ourselves. Only when we recognize that Christ is forever the truth can we loyally follow to the very end.

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