274 Recognize That Christ Is Forever the Truth

Verse 1

When I believed in the Lord,

I didn’t know the reality of truth.

I couldn’t tell true leaders

from the false leaders and antichrists.

I would venerate, worship,

follow those who could explain Bible theories,

thinking whoever worked much

and suffered greatly must be a good leader.

Chorus 1

I naively thought that by following them,

I could enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Verse 2

Only after being judged

did I see how laughable my thinking was.

I didn’t discern people by truth,

only by notions and imaginings.

What my leader said I did,

and yes, I thought I was obeying God.

I worshiped status and power,

and no place was left in my heart for God.

Chorus 2

It is only today that I realize

just how muddled my belief in God was.

Verse 3

Today I appreciate

how hard it is to gain the truth and the life.

Only through God’s judgment,

practicing the truth can I truly know God.

When people do not know God,

they may behave well but they’re still hypocrites.

However good these things may be,

man’s notions and imaginings are against truth.

Chorus 3

Only the words of God are the truth and the life,

and only His words can cleanse and save people.


When we believe in God,

we must believe that Christ is the truth,

and we must not follow people.

And when we understand,

understand the truth and know God,

we’ll discern all kinds of people.

When we believe in God,

we must only obey God’s words,

and must be wary of people.

Chorus 4

Without the truth and unable to discern,

we’re doomed to be deceived and will destroy ourselves.

Chorus 5

When we recognize Christ is forever the truth,

we can follow loyally to the very end.

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