275 A Song of Kind Warning

1 Christ is victorious. Christ is victorious. Follow God, gain the truth, and walk the path of life. Seek theology, preach theory, and harm both others and yourself. In preaching doctrine and clinging to the rules, there is truly no reality. Shouting slogans and not practicing is clearly cheating God. Vying for status and seeking renown is arrogance and self-righteousness. Following one’s own desires and violating the truth is defiance of God. Harboring notions and resisting God at heart is to set oneself against Him. One who is undiscerning and heeds everyone is a foolish one, indeed. One who worships man and follows man is in fact an unbeliever. By relying on their gifts and depending on themselves, one can achieve nothing. Only one who fears God and shuns evil is wise. Performing one’s duty with the principles gains God’s praise. Oh, oh, oh, Christ is the truth forever. Oh, oh, oh, Christ is the truth forever.

2 Christ is victorious. Christ is victorious. Honest people are not careless or slipshod in their duties. Deceitful people may make some effort, but they have no loyalty. A good heart and good deeds must meet with God’s salvation. A malicious heart and bad humanity must be exposed by God. One who seeks grace and refuses to be judged is one who betrays God. Practicing God’s words and possessing reality must meet with God’s blessing. Creating division and deceiving people are the deeds of Satan. Establishing oneself and making others submit is truly extreme arrogance. Ensnaring others and setting up their own kingdom makes one a demon and an antichrist. One who follows God and lives by His words is truly wise. Bearing testimony to God and exalting Him is true service. Loving God and practicing the truth is Peter’s path of success. Oh, oh, oh, Christ is the truth forever. Oh, oh, oh, Christ is the truth forever.

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