276 Always Follow God


I hear God’s voice, return to Him.

Watering of His words I accept.

I experience judgment and trials,

I suffer great pain and I am cleansed.

Verse 1

From setbacks and failures, from suffering and pain,

being tempered many times, strength in my love for God gains.

God is so righteous, good is in His heart.

I revere Him within, can’t bear to be apart.

Chorus 1

We follow God, we’ll always follow God.

We accept judgment, strive onward, seek to change.

We cast off corruption, our disposition’s changed,

human likeness we live out.

God’s judgment is love, it’s His great salvation.

His great salvation is love.

Verse 2

Man is dust, small, humble, yet God’s saving’s attained.

We live human dignity, our disposition is changed.

Through judgment, chastisement, God’s love is with us.

God personally works to perfect and change us.

Chorus 2

We follow God, we’ll always follow God.

No bargains to make, and no impurities.

Our duties we fulfill, so our mission’s complete.

When God’s heart is satisfied, God is comforted,

our spirits can then experience enjoyment.

Verse 3

There’s no life in merely just enjoying God’s grace.

All is empty in the end if the truth cannot be gained.

Man’s life is so short, loving God is most high.

Bear good witness for God, we’ll have no regrets in life.

Chorus 3

We follow God, we’ll always follow God.

No matter how rough the kingdom road can be,

I won’t turn back despite oppression and hardship.

God’s words lead me, give me faith.

We follow God’s steps, work hard to move forward.

We love God and don’t turn back.


We follow God, we’ll always follow God.

In saving mankind, He dedicates His all.

God’s love takes hold of our hearts,

and we’ll never turn back.

We will always follow God.

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