152 Christ in Essence Obeys the Heavenly Father’s Will


The essence of Christ is the Spirit,

this essence is the divinity.

Verse 1

Christ’s essence is that of God Himself,

which will not interrupt His own work.

He couldn’t possibly do anything

to destroy any of His own work.

Pre-chorus 1

He couldn’t ever say any words

that would go against His will.

So the incarnate God won’t do work

that halts His own management.

Chorus 1

There’s no rebelliousness in God;

the essence of God is only good.

He expresses all beauty, goodness, love.

Even in flesh, He obeys the Father.

Even at the expense of His own life,

He’d always be wholeheartedly willing.

Verse 2

There’s no self-righteousness in God;

He has no deceit or arrogance.

However hard the work, weak the flesh,

He won’t interrupt the work of God.

Pre-chorus 2

He will not forsake the Father’s will

by having any defiance.

He’d rather suffer pains of the flesh

than disobey God the Father’s will.

Chorus 2

Man may make his own choices,

but Christ would never choose to do the same.

Though He has the identity of God,

He still seeks out the will of the Father,

does what God entrusts to Him in the flesh.

It’s something unattainable by man.


All men apart from Christ

may do things that oppose God.

No one can directly take on

the work entrusted by God;

not one can take God’s management

as their own duty to perform.

Chorus 3

Submitting to God the Father’s will,

this is but the essence of Christ.

Being disobedient to God, however,

is a characteristic of Satan.

So, these two things are conflicting.

One with Satan’s traits can’t be called Christ.


Man can never do the work of God,

because man doesn’t have God’s essence.

Man works for his own interests, future,

while Christ works to do His Father’s will.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Essence of Christ Is Obedience to the Will of the Heavenly Father

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