35 Christ’s Work and Expression Determine His Substance

Verse 1

Christ’s substance is determined by His work and expressions.

With a heart that is true, He completes what’s entrusted,

worships God in heaven and seeks His Father’s will.

This is all determined by His substance,

and so too are His natural revelations.

So called because His expressions aren’t imitations,

or from years of man’s cultivation or education.

They are not learned or self-adorned, but inherent, ah.

They are not learned or self-adorned, but inherent, ah.

Verse 2

Man may deny His work, His expressions and humanity,

they may even deny His life of normal humanity,

but not His true heart when worshiping God in heaven.

No one can deny that

He’s here to fulfill the will of the heavenly Father.

And no one can deny the sincerity

with which He seeks God the Father.

His image may not be pleasing to the senses,

His discourse may not possess an air of sensation,

His work may not be as earth- or heaven-shattering,

as what is believed in man’s imagination.

But He’s indeed Christ, who fulfills His Father’s will,

with a true heart, and total submission

and deathly obedience, ah.

It’s because His substance is that of the Christ.

A truth that’s hard to believe but is indeed in existence.

A truth that’s hard, hard to believe but is indeed in existence.

A truth that’s hard, it’s hard to believe

but is indeed in existence, ah.

Adapted from “The Substance of Christ Is Obedience to the Will of the Heavenly Father” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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