317 God Secretly Observes Man’s Words and Deeds

When God bestows His abundance,

man casts it aside, unnoticed.

When God’s day comes, His abundance

and bitter words of truth will be gone.

Man will wail and cry,

since they have lost the brightness of the light,

and instead fallen into


You now see God’s words, sharp as swords,

not His rod or flame that burns man.

That’s why you lack restraint in His presence

and fight with Him in His home,

disputing with your human tongue

that which He’s spoken with His mouth.

Man does not fear God,

is still hostile towards Him today.

Your mouth is like the unrighteous’,

your words and deeds like the snake of Eden.

You demand eye for eye and tooth for tooth,

working for fame and gain before Him,

but you don’t know God’s watching

all you say and do.

He knows your heart

before you come into His presence.

Man wishes to escape God’s grasp and view,

but God never dodges man.

He allows man’s deeds and words

to be seen by Him,

that He may chastise man’s


and execute judgment

on man’s rebellion.

Man’s words and deeds in secret

will always be judged by God;

God’s judgment’s never left man,

for their rebellion is too much.

God works to cleanse man’s words and deeds

in the presence of His Spirit.

So when God departs, man will still serve Him

as His holy servants,

maintaining their loyalty,

allowing God’s work on earth

to continue until the very day

it is complete.

Adapted from “The Work of Spreading the Gospel Is Also the Work of Saving Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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