316 You Have Only Injustice in Your Hearts

Verse 1

You all believe you are willing to pay its price,

but who among you has truly suffered for the truth?

There is nothing but unrighteousness in your hearts,

making you think all people crooked and deceitful,

to the point where you believe that God incarnate

could be without kind heart or benevolent love.

Pre-chorus 1

You believe only God in heaven can have a noble character,

is benevolent and merciful, and such a saint can’t exist on earth.

Chorus 1

You think earth is where darkness and evil reigns,

and so people entrust their longing

for the good and for the beautiful

to a God in heaven they invented.

Verse 2

It seems you worship this God in heaven,

and further, you adore lofty images.

You esteem those distinguished for their eloquence.

You allow yourself to be gladly commanded

by the God that fills your hands up with riches.

You crave the God who can fulfill your every wish.

Pre-chorus 2

The only One you do not worship is this God who is not lofty.

And you hate the association

with this God whom none can regard highly.

Chorus 2

The only thing you’re unwilling to do

is to serve this God who’s paid you nothing.

The only One who can’t make you yearn for Him

happens to be this unlovely God.


This kind of God can’t enable you

to broaden your horizons,

to feel as if you’ve found a treasure,

much less fulfill what you wish.

Why, then, do you follow Him?

Have you stopped to ask yourself why?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How to Know the God on Earth

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