178 When We Part

1 Brothers and sisters gather together, so happy to fellowship God’s words. But the CCP’s persecution means our congregation is always in danger of being caught. We dance and sing cautiously, afraid of being discovered. We want to be together a few days longer and say what’s in our hearts, but we have no chance. When we part, we don’t know whether we’ll have the chance to see each other again. Brothers and sisters, when we do our duties, pray more, and look up to God and rely on Him more. No matter how hard the road, with God by our side, we are not alone. We undergo oppression, adversity, and refinement; it is such a precious thing that God is with us.

2 In this evil world, bearing witness for God is fraught with frustrations and tribulations. The words of God are at our side, and we have strength in our understanding of the truth. We’ve seen through to the evil essence of Satan, and we hate the great red dragon to its core. Forsake Satan completely, so we can truly love and submit to God. Rely on God to transcend the forces of darkness; dawn is breaking before our eyes. We love each other and pray for each other, and our hearts are at peace. We look forward to reuniting when the kingdom is realized—we’ll live together forever.

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