179 Rising Up Amidst Darkness and Oppression

1 Though oppressed and arrested by the great red dragon, I am even more resolved to follow God. I see how evil the great red dragon is; how can it tolerate God? God has come in the flesh—how could I not follow Him? I forsake Satan, and follow God with an iron will. Wherever the devil is in power, arduous is the path of believing in God. Satan snaps at my heels; there is no safe place to reside. Believing in and worshiping God is absolutely the right thing to do. Having chosen to love God, I will be faithful till the end. The devil’s tricks are savage, vicious, and truly contemptible. Having gained a clear view of Satan’s visage, I love Christ even more. I will never give in to Satan or eke out a worthless existence. I will suffer all torment, hardship, and pain, and endure through the darkest of nights. To bring God comfort, I will bear victorious witness and shame Satan.

2 I have seen righteousness emerging; now is the black night before the dawn. The devils are in their dying throes; they are rendering service for God. God has formed a group of overcomers and gained His glory. I see God’s wisdom, and I praise His righteousness. I bask in God’s love, and even more do I wish to be considerate of His will. I am willing to give my all and do my utmost to repay God. With my heartfelt love for God, I will spread His glad tidings. I will be faithful to the very end, bearing witness to glorify God. No matter how God tries me or refines me, I am resolved to satisfy and stand witness for Him. With my heartfelt love for God, I will spread His glad tidings. I will be faithful to the very end, bearing witness to glorify God. Though I may suffer terribly, I would die to bring God satisfaction.

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