How to Pursue the Truth (18) Part One

A few days ago, a serious incident occurred where antichrists were disturbing the work of the gospel expansion. Do you all know about this? (Yes.) After this incident occurred, reorganization of the gospel work of God’s house commenced, and some people began to be reassigned or transferred, and some matters related to the work were also adjusted, right? (Yes.) This kind of big event occurred in God’s house and antichrists emerged around you—have you been able to learn some lessons from encountering such a significant event? Have you sought the truth? Have you seen the essence of some problems, and been able to draw some lessons from such a big event? When something occurs, don’t most people just outwardly draw a few lessons from it, and understand a few doctrines, without digging into its essence, and without learning how to view people and things, and comport themselves and act according to the truth? There are some people who just ponder according to their own minds and calculations no matter what happens to them. They completely fall short of the truth principles, and they also fall short of intelligence and wisdom. They just summarize a few lessons, and then make a resolution: “When these things happen again in the future, I have to be careful and pay attention to what things I can’t say, what things I can’t do, as well as what kind of people I should guard against, and what sort of people I should keep close to.” Does this count as learning a lesson and gaining experience? (No.) So, when things like this happen, regardless of whether they are major or minor events, how should people experience them, approach them, and enter deeply into them so that they may learn lessons, and understand some truths and grow in stature while encountering these environments? Most people do not ponder on these things, right? (Right.) If they do not ponder on these things, then are they people who seek the truth? Are they people who pursue the truth? (No.) Do you think that you are a person who pursues the truth? On the basis of which things do you believe that you are not a person who pursues the truth? And on the basis of which things do you occasionally think that you are a person who pursues the truth? When you endure a bit of suffering and pay a bit of a price in your duty, and are occasionally a bit more serious about your work, or contribute a little money, or abandon your family, resign from your job, give up your studies, and renounce marriage in order to expend yourself for God, or refrain from following worldly trends, or avoid evil people that you encounter, and so on—when you are able to do these things, do you feel that you are a person who pursues the truth and a true believer? Isn’t that what you think? (Yes.) Now, upon what basis do you think this? Is it based on God’s words and the truth? (No.) It is wishful thinking; it is you passing your own verdict. When you occasionally follow some rules and do things by the book, and possess some manifestations of good humanity, when you are able to be patient and tolerant, when you are outwardly humble, lowkey, unassuming, and not arrogant, and when you are able to have a bit of a responsible resolve or mindset in the work of God’s house, you think that you have really pursued the truth and that you are really a person who pursues the truth. So, do these manifestations constitute the pursuit of the truth? (No.) To be precise, these outward actions, behaviors, and manifestations are not the pursuit of the truth. So, why do people always think that these manifestations are the pursuit of the truth? Why do they always think that they are people who pursue the truth? (In their notions, people think that if they exert and expend a little, these are manifestations of pursuing the truth. So, when they pay a bit of a price or suffer a little in their duties, they think that they are people who pursue the truth, but they have never sought before on what God’s word has to say about this matter, or how God judges whether a person is pursuing the truth. Consequently, they always live amid their notions and imaginings, thinking that they’re great.) People never let go of their notions, and when it comes to the significant matter of determining whether they are people who pursue the truth, they always rely on their own notions and imaginings, and their wishful thinking. Why do they act in this way? Isn’t it because they feel at ease when they think and act in this way, believing that they don’t need to really pay a price in order to pursue the truth, and that they can still ultimately receive benefits and be blessed? There’s another reason, which is that people’s so-called good behaviors, such as their renunciations, their suffering, their paying of prices, and so on, are things that they can accomplish and achieve, right? (Right.) It is easy for people to renounce their families and jobs, but it is not easy for them to truly pursue the truth, practice the truth, or act based on the truth principles, and it is not easy for them to achieve these things. Even if you understand a bit of the truth, it will be very hard for you to rebel against your own ideas, notions, or corrupt dispositions, and very difficult for you to hold to the truth principles. If you are a person who pursues the truth, why don’t you seem to have made any progress with regard to various aspects of the truth in the years you’ve believed in God? Regardless of whether you’ve paid a price, or what you’ve renounced or abandoned, are the ultimate results that you’ve achieved those achieved by pursuing and practicing the truth? No matter how many prices you’ve paid, how much you’ve suffered, or how many fleshly things you’ve renounced, what have you ultimately obtained? Have you obtained the truth? Have you gained anything with regard to the truth? Have you made progress in your life entry? Have you changed your corrupt dispositions? Do you possess true submission to God? We will not speak of such a deep lesson or practice as submission to God, instead we’ll just talk about the simplest thing. You have abandoned everything, suffered and paid prices for so many years—can you safeguard the interests of God’s house? Especially when antichrists and evil people do evil things to disturb the work of the church, do you turn a blind eye, maintaining the interests of those evil people, and protecting yourself, or do you stand on the side of God, maintaining the interests of His house? Have you practiced according to the truth principles? If you have not, then your suffering and the prices you’ve paid are no different to Paul’s. They are just done for the sake of gaining blessings, and they are all futile. They are the same as what Paul said about having fought the fights and finished the courses he was supposed to, and ultimately obtaining blessings and a reward—there’s no difference at all. You are walking the path of Paul; you are not pursuing the truth. You think that your renunciations, expenditures, suffering, and the prices you’ve paid are the practice of the truth, so how many truths have you understood over these years? How many truth realities do you possess? In how many matters have you safeguarded the interests of God’s house? In how many matters have you stood on the side of the truth and God? In how many of your actions have you refrained from evildoing or following your own will because you have a God-fearing heart? These are all things that people should understand and examine. If they don’t examine these things, then the longer they believe in God, and in particular, the longer they perform a duty, the more they’ll think that they have made a meritorious contribution, that they are definitely going to be saved, and that they are of God. If one day they are dismissed, exposed, and cast out, they will say: “Even if I haven’t rendered a meritorious service, then I’ve at least worked hard, and even if I haven’t worked hard, then I’ve at least tired myself out. On the basis of me suffering and paying prices for so many years, God’s house shouldn’t dismiss me, or treat me this way. God’s house shouldn’t just throw me away after I’ve worked for it!” If you truly are a person who pursues the truth, you shouldn’t say these things. If you’re a person who pursues the truth, then how many times have you implemented the work arrangements of God’s house thoroughly and to the letter? How many of them have you implemented? How many items of work have you followed up on? How many of them have you checked? Within the scope of your responsibilities and your duty, and within the range of what your caliber, comprehension ability, and understanding of the truth can achieve, how much have you done your utmost? Which duties have you done well? How many good deeds have you prepared? These are the standards for testing whether a person is a pursuer of the truth. If you’ve made a mess of all these things, and not gotten any results, that proves that you have been suffering and paying prices over these years in the hopes of receiving blessings, and that you are not practicing the truth and submitting to God; everything you’ve done has been for yourself, for status and blessings, and it is not following the way of God. So, what is everything you’ve done? Isn’t the ultimate outcome for people like this the same as Paul’s? (Yes.) These people are all walking Paul’s path, naturally, their outcome will be the same as Paul’s. Don’t think that you’ve made a meritorious contribution just because you believe in God, and have renounced your job, family, or in some cases even your young children. You haven’t made any meritorious contributions, you are just a created being, everything you do is for yourself, and things that you ought to do. Would you be able to suffer and pay prices if it weren’t for the sake of receiving blessings? Would you be able to renounce your family and give up your job? Do not treat renouncing your family, abandoning your job, suffering, and paying prices as equal to pursuing the truth and expending yourself for God. That is just fooling yourself.

Those who do not accept the truth or being pruned at all, are exposed and cleared out one by one every time that God’s house carries out a big cleansing. Some people, whose problems are not too serious, are allowed to remain under observation, and they are given a chance to repent after they are exposed. For others, their problems are too severe, they remain incorrigible despite repeated criticism, they do the same things and make the same mistakes again and again, and they disturb, disrupt, and destroy the church’s work, so ultimately they are cleared out and expelled according to the principles, and not given any more chances. Some people say: “I feel bad for them that they’re not given any more chances.” Are they not given enough chances? They do not believe in God in order to listen to His words, to accept the chastisement and judgment of His words, or to accept His cleansing and salvation, they are managing their own businesses. After they start undertaking the work of the church or performing various duties, they begin engaging in all kinds of wrongdoing, disturbing and disrupting, causing serious damage to the church’s work, as well as serious losses to the interests of God’s house. After giving them repeated chances, and gradually casting them out from various duty performance groups, God’s house arranges for them to perform their duties on the gospel team, but after those people arrive there, they don’t work hard at their duties, and they still engage in various kinds of wrongdoing, without repenting or changing at all. No matter how God’s house fellowships on the truth, or what kind of work arrangements it makes, and though it gives these people chances, warnings, and even prunes them, this is all to no avail. They are not too numb, they are too intransigent. Of course, this intransigence is speaking from the perspective of their corrupt dispositions. In their essence, they are not people, they are devils. In entering the church, aside from acting as Satans, they do not do anything to benefit the work of God’s house and the work of the church. They only do bad things; they only come to disturb and destroy the church’s work. After gaining just a few people while preaching the gospel, they feel that they have capital and that they’ve made a meritorious contribution, and they start resting on their laurels, thinking that they can rule as kings over God’s house, that they can give orders and make decisions in any aspect of the work, and force people to practice and implement them. No matter how the Above fellowships on the truth or arranges the work, these people don’t take it seriously. To your face, they say quite pleasant-sounding things: “The work arrangements of God’s house are good, they’re exactly what we need, they’ve corrected things just in time, otherwise we wouldn’t know how far off we were.” When they turn their heads, they change, and start spreading their own ideas. Tell Me, are people like this really human? (No.) If they’re not human, what are they? On the surface, they wear a layer of human skin, but in essence, they do not do human things—they’re demons! The role they play in the church is specifically to disturb the various items of work in God’s house. They disturb whatever work they’re doing, and they’ve never sought the truth or the principles, looked to the work arrangements, or acted according to them. As soon as they have a bit of power, they show it off and throw their weight around in front of God’s chosen people. They all have the faces of demons, and no human likeness. They have never upheld the interests of God’s house, they just safeguard their own interests and status. No matter what level of leadership they serve as, or what item of work they supervise, as soon as the work is entrusted to them, it becomes theirs, they have the final say, and others had better not think about checking up on it, supervising it, or following up on it, and even less should they think about intervening. Aren’t these veritable antichrists? (Yes.) And these people still want to obtain blessings! I have two words for these people: unreasonable and irredeemable. Those who do not pursue the truth may stumble at any hurdle, and they will not go far. In the past, I always said to you: “If you can render service until the end, and be a loyal service-doer, that’s quite good too.” Some people do not love the truth, and they are not willing to pursue it. What should be done about this? They should be service-doers. If you can work hard at rendering service, and not cause any disruptions or disturbances, or do any evil that leads to you being cleared out, and you can guarantee that you will not do evil, and keep rendering service until the end, then you will be able to survive. Though you won’t be able to receive a great deal of blessings, at least you will have rendered service during the period of God’s work, you will be a loyal service-doer, and in the end, God will not mistreat you. But right now, there are some service-doers who really cannot render service until the end. Why is that? Because they do not have human spirits. We will not examine what kind of spirit rests within them, but at the very least, looking at their behavior from beginning to end, their essence is that of a devil, not of a person. They do not accept the truth at all, and they are even further from pursuing it.

Ten years ago, when each aspect of the truth hadn’t been fellowshipped on in detail, people didn’t understand what it meant to pursue the truth or to handle things based on the truth principles. Some people acted based on their own wills, imaginings, and notions, or followed rules. This was excusable, because they didn’t understand. But today, 10 years later, though our fellowship on the different aspects of the truth hasn’t concluded yet, the various fundamental truths that relate to people working and doing duties have, at the very least, been explained clearly in terms of principles. No matter what kind of duty they are performing, people who possess hearts and spirits, who love the truth and can pursue it, should be able to practice part of the truth principles by relying on their conscience and reason. People fall short of and fail to reach higher and deeper truths, and they cannot see through to the essence of some problems, or essences that relate to the truth, but they should be able to put into practice the truths that they can reach, and that have been expressly stipulated. At the very least, they should be able to hold to, implement, and distribute the work arrangements that have been expressly stipulated by the house of God. However, those who are of demons cannot even do these things. They are the kind of people who cannot even render service to the end. When people cannot even render service until the end, this means that they will be thrown from the carriage halfway through the journey. Why will they be thrown from the carriage? If they were sitting quietly in the carriage, sleeping, staying put, or even amusing themselves, so long as they didn’t disturb everyone or the forward direction of the whole train, who would have the heart to throw them from the carriage? No one would. If they could really render service, God wouldn’t throw them from the carriage either. But using these people to render service now would incur more losses than gains. The various aspects of the work of God’s house have suffered too great losses due to the disturbances of these people. They are the cause of too much worry! They don’t understand the truth, no matter how it is fellowshipped, and afterward, they still do bad things. Interacting with these people truly means engaging in never-ending talk, and experiencing never-ending anger. The crucial point is that these people have done too much evil, and caused too great losses to the gospel expansion work of God’s house. In the little bit of duties they perform, they just cause disruptions and disturbances, and the losses they cause to the work of God’s house are irreparable. These people do all kinds of bad things. While among the ordinary members of the church, they do as they please, they squander offerings, they inflate the numbers of people they’ve gained while spreading the gospel, and they make use of other people inappropriately. They exclusively use some evil people, muddled people, and people who run amok doing evil things. They don’t listen to anyone’s suggestions, and they suppress and punish anyone who expresses an opinion. Under their purview, God’s words, requirements, and work arrangements are not implemented, instead they are set aside. These people become local bullies and despots; they become tyrants. Tell Me, can people like this be kept? (No.) At present, some people have been dismissed, and after being dismissed they talk about “submitting to the arrangements of God’s house,” to show that they are so noble, so submissive, and such pursuers of the truth. By saying this, they mean that they have nothing to say about whatever the house of God does, and that they are willing to submit to its arrangements. They say that they are willing to submit to the arrangements of God’s house—so why did they do so much evil, which led the church to dismiss them? Why do they not understand this? Why have they not given an account of this? They brought various kinds of trouble and losses upon the work of God’s house while they were working—don’t they have to open themselves up and lay themselves bare regarding this? Is the matter closed if they just don’t mention it? They say that they want to submit to the arrangements of God’s house, showing how noble and great they are—this is entirely pretense and trickery! If they are learning to submit to the arrangements of God’s house, why didn’t they submit to the previous work arrangements of God’s house? Why didn’t they implement them? What were they doing then? Who is it that they really obey? Why don’t they give an account of this? Who is their master? Did they carry out each aspect of the work that was arranged by God’s house? Did they achieve results? Can their work withstand careful examination? How will they make up for the losses their running amok doing evil caused to the work of God’s house? Doesn’t this matter merit some comment? Can they just say that they’re going to submit to the arrangements of God’s house, and that’s it? Tell Me, do people like this have humanity? (No.) They are devoid of humanity, reason, and conscience, and they have no shame! They don’t sense that they’ve done so much evil, and caused such great losses to God’s house. They have caused so many disruptions and disturbances without feeling any remorse, any sense of indebtedness, or any recognition of this. If you try to hold them responsible, they’ll say, “I wasn’t the only person who did that”—they have their excuses. What they mean is that punishments can’t be enforced if everyone is an offender, and that because everyone did evil, they as individuals shouldn’t be held responsible. This is wrong. They must give an account for the evil that they did—every individual must give an account for whatever evil they did. They should submit to the arrangements of God’s house, and approach their own problems correctly. If they possess this attitude, they can have another chance and remain, but they cannot always do evil! If there is no awareness in their consciences, if they cannot feel that they are indebted to God in any way, and they do not repent at all, from a human perspective, they can be given a chance, allowed to keep doing their duties, and not be held responsible, but how does God see this? If people do not hold them responsible, will God not either? (No.) God treats all people and things with principles. God will not make a compromise with you and smooth things over, He will not be a people-pleaser, like you. God has principles, He has a righteous disposition. If you violate the principles and administrative decrees of God’s house, the church and God’s house must deal with you according to the principles and stipulations of the administrative decrees. As for the consequences of you offending God, in fact, in your heart you know how God sees you or treats you. If you really treat God as God, you ought to come before Him to confess, admit your sins, and repent. If you lack this attitude, then you are a nonbeliever, you are a devil, you are an enemy of God, and you should be cursed! What’s the point of you listening to sermons then? You should get out; you do not deserve to listen to sermons! Truths are spoken for normal corrupt humans to hear; though such people have corrupt dispositions, they have the resolve and will to accept the truth, they can reflect on themselves whenever something befalls them, and they can confess, repent, and turn themselves around when they do something wrong. Such people can be saved, and it is for them that truths are spoken. People who do not have an attitude of repentance no matter what things befall them are not ordinary corrupt humans, they are something else entirely; their essence is that of a devil, not a person. Though they may not pursue the truth either, ordinary corrupt humans can usually refrain from doing bad things based on their consciences, that modicum of shame that their normal humanity possesses, and the little reason that they have, and they have no intention of deliberately causing disruptions and disturbances. Under normal circumstances, such people can render service and follow until the end, and be able to survive. However, there is a type of people, who do not possess conscience or reason, who have no sense of honor or shame at all, who do not have remorseful hearts no matter how much evil they do, and who unashamedly hide within God’s house, still hoping to receive blessings, and not knowing to repent. When somebody says, “You caused a disruption and a disturbance by doing that,” they say, “Really? Then I made a mistake, I’ll do better next time.” That other person replies, “Then you should come to know your corrupt dispositions,” and they say, “Come to know what corrupt dispositions? I was just being ignorant and foolish. I’ll just do better next time.” They lack a deep understanding, and they just fob people off with their words. Can people with this attitude repent? They do not even have shame—they are not people! Some people say: “If they’re not people, are they beasts?” They are beasts, but they are even lower than dogs. Think about it, when a dog does something bad or misbehaves, if you rebuke it once, it’ll immediately feel bad, and it’ll keep being nice to you, by which it means: “Please don’t hate me, I’ll never do it again.” When something like that happens again, the dog will deliberately give you a look to tell you: “I won’t do it, don’t worry.” No matter whether the dog is afraid of being beaten, or trying to win the favor of its master, regardless of how you look at this, when it knows that its master doesn’t like or allow something, the dog won’t do it. It is able to restrain itself; it has a sense of shame. Even animals have a sense of shame, but these people don’t. So, are they still people? They’re even less than animals, so they are inhuman and non-living things, they are veritable devils. They never reflect on themselves or confess no matter how much evil they do, and they certainly do not know to repent. There are some people who feel ashamed to face their brothers and sisters because they did a little bit of evil, and if the brothers and sisters choose them during an election, they will say: “I will not take up this duty, I am not qualified. In the past, I did some foolish things which caused some losses to the church’s work. I do not deserve this post.” People like this possess a sense of shame, and they have conscience and reason. But those evil people do not have a sense of shame. If you ask them to become leaders, they will immediately stand up and say: “See! What do you think of this? God’s house can’t do without me. I’m a big shot, I’m very capable!” Tell Me, is it not difficult to make these people feel shame? How difficult is it? It is more difficult than scaling the walls of China’s Shanhai Pass—they are shameless! No matter how much evil they do, they still shamelessly laze away their days in the church. They have never been humble in their interactions with the brothers and sisters, they still live as they always have, and they even occasionally boast about their “great achievements,” about their past renunciations, expenditures, suffering, and the prices that they’ve paid, and about their past “glory and greatness.” As soon as they have the opportunity, they’ll immediately stand up to flaunt and brag about themselves, talking about their capital and showing off their qualifications, and yet they never talk about how much evil they’ve done, how many of God’s offerings they’ve squandered, or how many losses they’ve caused to the work of God’s house. They do not even confess when they pray to God in private, and they never shed a tear because of the mistakes they’ve made or the losses they’ve caused to God’s house. That’s how intransigent and shameless they are. Aren’t they completely unreasonable and irredeemable? (Yes.) They are irredeemable, and they cannot be saved. No matter how you give them chances, it is like talking to a brick wall, or driving a duck onto a perch, or asking the devils and Satan to worship God. So, when it comes to these people, ultimately the attitude of God’s house is to give up on them. If they are willing to perform duties, they can, God’s house will give them a bit of a chance. If they are not willing to perform duties, and say: “I’m going to leave to work, earn money, and pass my days; I’m going to manage my own business,” they can go ahead, the door of God’s house is open, they can hurry up and leave! I don’t want to see their faces again, they’re so disgusting! What are they pretending for? The little bit of suffering they’ve endured, the little prices they’ve paid, their little renunciations and expenditures, were just preconditions that they prepared so that they could do evil. If they remain in God’s house, what kind of service can they render for it? What benefits can they bring to the work of God’s house? Do you have any idea how much disruption and disturbance the evil deeds and bad things done by one evil person, one antichrist, in the space of six months can create for the work of the church? Tell Me, how many brothers and sisters will need to work to make up for it? Isn’t using that evil person, that antichrist, to render a bit of service not worth the trouble? (Yes.) We will not speak of the magnitude of losses that can be caused by a gang of antichrists banding together to do bad things, but how much harm can be wrought on the work of the church by one fallacy and devilish statement spoken by an antichrist, or by one absurd order issued by an antichrist? Tell Me, how many people will need to work, and for how long, to make up for it? Who will take responsibility for this loss? No one can! Can this loss be made up for? (No.) Some people say: “If we get some more people to help, and the brothers and sisters endure a bit more suffering, we may be able to make up for it.” Though you may be able to make up for some of it, how much manpower and material resources will the house of God need to expend? In particular, who can make up for the lost time, and the losses that God’s chosen people suffered in terms of their life entry? No one can. Therefore, the wrongs done by antichrists cannot be forgiven! Some people say: “The antichrists said, ‘We’ll compensate for the money lost.’” Of course they must compensate for it! “The antichrists said, ‘We’ll bring in more people, to make up for the ones we lost.’” That’s the least they can do. They must make up for the evil they committed! But who will make up for the time lost? Can they? It is impossible to make up for it. So, the wrongs done by these people are the most heinous of sins! They cannot be forgiven. Tell Me, is that not the case? (It is.)

When some people see that the house of God handles antichrists quite severely—not giving them a chance and directly sending them away—they have some thoughts about this: “Didn’t the house of God say that it gives people chances? When a person makes a small mistake, does God’s house no longer want them? Does it not give them a chance? It should give them a chance, the house of God is too unloving!” Tell Me, how many chances have those people been given? How many sermons have they listened to? Were they given too few chances? When they’re working, do they not know that they are performing duties? Do they not know that they’re spreading the gospel and doing the work of God’s house? Do they not know these things? Are they running a business, a company, or a factory? Are they managing their own enterprises? How many chances has the house of God given these people? Every one of them has enjoyed a good deal of chances. For those who were moved from various groups to the gospel team, were any of them dismissed after being in the gospel team for only a couple of days? None of them were, unless the evil they had done was too egregious, then they were dismissed. Every one of them has been given enough chances, it is just that they do not know to cherish them or to repent. They go their own way, always walking the path of Paul. They speak very pleasant-sounding and clear words, but they do not act like humans. Should people like this still be given chances? (No.) When they were given a chance, they were being treated like humans, but they are not humans. They do not do the things that humans do, so sorry, the door of God’s house is open—they can go ahead and leave. The house of God won’t use them anymore. The house of God has freedom when it comes to using people, it has this right. Will it be alright if God’s house doesn’t use them? If they want to believe, they can do so outside of God’s house. In any case, God’s house won’t use them—it can’t, they’re the cause of too much worry! They have caused too great losses to the house of God, and no one can foot the bill for this—they couldn’t afford to! It’s not that they’re unlucky, it’s not that God’s house hasn’t given them a chance, it’s not that God’s house is unloving, and has been too hard on them, and it certainly isn’t that God’s house is disposing of them after they’ve finished their work. It is that these people went too far, they could no longer be tolerated, and they couldn’t give an account for the things they’d done. For every item of work, God’s house has provided work principles, and the Above has personally provided guidance, checks, and correction. It’s not just a matter of God’s house and the Above holding a couple of gatherings, or saying a few words; they have spoken many words and held many gatherings, earnestly exhorting people, and in the end, what they got in return was trickery, and ultimately, the church’s work was disrupted and disturbed, and turned into a complete mess. Tell Me, who would still be willing to give those people a chance? Who would be willing to retain them? They can run amok doing evil, but surely they do not forbid God’s house from handling them according to the principles? Handling them in this way should not be called unloving, it should be called possessing principles. Love is given to people who can be loved, to ignorant people who can be forgiven; it is not given to evil people, devils, or those who deliberately cause disruptions and disturbances, it is not given to antichrists. Antichrists only deserve to be cursed! Why do they only deserve to be cursed? Because, no matter how much evil they do, they do not repent, confess, or turn themselves around, they compete with God until the very end. They come before God saying, “When I die, I’ll die standing. I’m unyielding. When I come before You, I will not kneel or bow down. I will not admit defeat!” What kind of thing is this? Even when they’re about to die, they will still say, “I will keep resisting the house of God until the end. I will not confess my sins—I haven’t done anything wrong!” Alright, if they haven’t done anything wrong, they can leave. God’s house will not use them. Will it be fine if God’s house doesn’t use them? It will be perfectly fine! Some people say, “If God’s house won’t use me, then there’s no one that it can use.” These people should look to see if there’s really no one—does any of the work in God’s house rely on people? Without the work of the Holy Spirit and without God’s protection, who could have gotten to where they are today? What item of work could have been maintained until now? Do these people think that they are in the secular world? If any group in the secular world lost the safeguarding of a team of talented or gifted individuals, it wouldn’t be able to complete any of its projects. The work in the house of God is different. It is God who is safeguarding, leading, and guiding the work in God’s house. Do not think that the work of God’s house depends on the support of any person. This is not the case, and this is the viewpoint of a nonbeliever. Do you think it is appropriate for God’s house to abandon evil people like antichrists and nonbelievers? (Yes.) Why is it appropriate? Because the losses wreaked by using those people to carry out work are too great, such people squander both manpower and financial resources without restraint, and they have no principles at all. They do not listen to God’s word, and they act entirely based on their own ambitions and desires. They do not respect God’s words or the work arrangements of God’s house at all, but when an antichrist says something, they hold it in the utmost respect, and practice according to it. I have heard that there was a fool who was located in Europe, but worked on tasks that were based in Asia. God’s house said it would move him to work on spreading the gospel in Europe, to save him from dealing with the time difference, but he wouldn’t consent, and he wouldn’t go back to working on tasks in Europe, even when God’s house arranged it, because the antichrist he worshiped was in Asia, and he was unwilling to depart from his master. Isn’t he a fool? (Yes.) Tell Me, is he worthy of performing his duty? Do we want him? The work arrangements God’s house made were appropriate. If you are in Europe, then you should work on tasks based in Europe and not in Asia. Whichever continent you are in, you should work on tasks there, and that way you can avoid dealing with time differences—that’s a great thing! And yet, this person didn’t consent. The words of God’s house didn’t work on him; God’s house couldn’t get him to transfer, he needed his master to call the shots. If his master said, “Go back to work on tasks in Europe,” he would go back to work on those tasks. If his master said, “You cannot go back to work on tasks in Europe, I need you working on things here,” he would say, “Then I can’t go back.” Who did he render service for? (For his master.) He rendered service for his master—an antichrist. Then, shouldn’t he be cleansed away along with his master? Shouldn’t he be kicked out? (Yes.) Why am I so angry at people like this? Because they do too much evil; anyone would be furious to hear it. These people try to trick God with their eyes wide open—that is too malicious! Tell Me, why am I so angry with people like this? (They say that they believe in God, but in reality, they listen to their masters. They do not truly follow and submit to God.) They have devoted themselves entirely to following devils and Satans. Them saying that they follow God is just a front. They follow and serve Satans under the guise of following God and expending themselves for God, and in the end, they still want to obtain rewards and blessings from God. Isn’t that completely shameless? Isn’t that entirely unreasonable and irredeemable? (Yes.) Tell Me, would God’s house retain people like this? (No.) Then what is the appropriate way to handle them? (To cleanse them away, alongside their masters.) They like to follow their masters, and they are dead set on working themselves to death for their masters; they don’t safeguard the interests of God’s house while performing their duties, they don’t perform their duties while living before God, they are serving their masters within a gang of antichrists—this is the essence of their work. Therefore, no matter what they do, it will not be commemorated. People like this should be cleansed away, they are not even worthy to render service! So, do you think that people like them only turn out this way because they encounter evil people or because they do this kind of work? Are they influenced by their environments, or do evil people mislead them? (Neither.) Then why are they like this? (They are this kind of person in their nature essence.) These people have the same nature essence as their antichrist masters. They are the same kind of people. They have shared hobbies, thoughts, and views, as well as means and methods for doing things; they have a shared language and the same path of pursuit, and they share the same desires, motives, and methods of practice for betraying God and disturbing the work of God’s house. Think about it, they share the same attitude concerning the work arrangements of God’s house, which is lying to their superiors and hiding things from those below them. They have policies for those above them and strategies for those below them. To those above them, they act completely obedient on the outside, and to those below them, they run amok doing evil. They share the same ways and methods. When the Above prunes them, they say, “I made a mistake, I was wrong, I’m bad, I’m rebellious, I’m a devil!” And then they turn around and say: “Let’s not implement the work arrangements of the Above!” After which, they just do things their own way. They are completely going through the motions when they preach the gospel, they inflate numbers, and trick the house of God. These are the methods of these gangs of antichrists. They always approach the work arrangements with their own strategies and methods—haven’t their demonic faces been revealed? Are they people? No, they are not, they’re demons! We do not interact with demons, so let’s hurry them out of here. I do not want to see their demonic faces; they should get out! Those who are willing to render service can be sent to group B, those who are not willing to render service can be expelled. Is this course of action right? (Yes.) It is the most appropriate course of action! They have a shared essence, so when they’re talking and acting together, they do so very smoothly, and when they do things together there’s an incredible amount of cohesion and tacit understanding between them. As soon as those masters open their mouths, no matter what devilish things they say, their followers will immediately echo them, and in their hearts, these followers will even feel proud, thinking, “You’re right, let’s do it that way! The work arrangements from the Above are too finicky, we can’t do things like that.” No matter how well or how specifically the work arrangements of the Above are enunciated, these people won’t implement them, and no matter how distorted or absurd the things that the devils and Satans say are, they will listen to them. Who are they rendering service for, then? Can people like this render service in the house of God until the very end? (No.) They cannot render service until the very end. Whether God is showing patience toward a person, or toward the actions of a devil, there is always a limit. He shows tolerance to people to the greatest extent possible, but when a certain point is reached, He will expose those who ought to be exposed, and cast out those who ought to be cast out. When this point is reached, those people will have reached the end of the road. It is not simply that they do not pursue or love the truth, it is that their nature essence is inimical to the truth. Think about it, whenever you talk about positive things, pure understanding, or principles that are in line with the truth, they do not listen. The purer your words are, the worse they feel. As soon as you start talking about the truth principles, they can’t sit still, and they find ways to make excuses to derail the conversation, to shift the focus, or they simply go to pour themselves a drink of water. As soon as you fellowship on the truth or talk about knowing yourself, they feel repulsed, and don’t want to listen. If they don’t need to use the bathroom, then they’re thirsty or hungry, or they’re sleepy, or they need to take a phone call or take care of something. They always have an excuse, and they cannot sit still. If you use their methods, and talk about their statements and approaches that exclusively cause disruptions and disturbances, they will become energized, and be able to go on and on. If you don’t share a common language with them, they’ll feel an aversion toward you and avoid you. These are typical devils! There are some people who, until now, still cannot see through this kind of devil, and think that these people just don’t pursue the truth. How can they be so simple-minded? How can they say such ignorant things? Do those people merely not pursue the truth? No, they are evil demons, and they are extremely averse to the truth. Those people behave quite well at gatherings, but that’s all fake. In reality, do they really listen to the content that is fellowshipped on or the words of God that are read at gatherings? How many words do they really listen to? How many do they accept? How many can they submit to? They cannot even talk about the simplest and most commonly spoken doctrines. When it comes to people like that, no matter how long they work for, or what level of leader or supervisor they serve as, they can’t preach sermons, or speak about their own experiences. If somebody says, “Talk about a bit of your knowledge regarding something. You don’t need to have experience of it, just speak about the knowledge and comprehension you have of it,” they won’t be able to open their mouths, it will be as though they are sealed shut, and they won’t even be able to speak about some doctrines. If they do manage to speak some forced words about it, they will sound awkward and strange. Some brothers and sisters say: “Why is it that when some leaders are preaching sermons, they sound like teachers reading out a text to some children? Why does it sound so awkward and strange?” This is called not being able to preach sermons. And why can’t they preach sermons? It is because they lack the truth reality. Why do they lack the truth reality? Because they do not accept the truth, they are averse to it in their hearts, and they are resistant toward any principle or statement of the truth. If it is said that they are resistant, it is possible that you won’t be able to see this from the outside, so how can you tell that they are resistant? No matter how God’s house fellowships on the truth, they will deny and reject it in their hearts, and be incredibly repulsed by it. No matter how other people fellowship on their knowledge of the truth, they will think, “You may believe that, but I don’t.” How do they gauge whether something is the truth? As long as it is something that they believe to be good and right, then they will think it’s the truth. If they don’t like a statement, then no matter how right it is, they won’t consider it the truth. Therefore, when we look at the root of this matter, in the depths of their hearts, they are resistant toward the truth, they are averse to the truth, and they hate the truth. The truth has no place at all in their hearts—they despise it. Some people may not see through this, and say, “I don’t usually see them saying anything that insults God, blasphemes against the truth, or violates the truth principles.” Then, there is one fact that they can see: Every specific detail stipulated by the work arrangements of God’s house is necessary, and put forward in order to protect the interests of God’s work, the life progress of God’s chosen people, the normal order of church life, and the normal expansion of the gospel work. The point of the work arrangements in every period of time, and the specific deployment, organization, and modification of each aspect of the work, is to protect the normal development of the work of God’s house, and even more so, to help the brothers and sisters to understand and enter the truth principles. To be more precise, it can be said that these things bring the brothers and sisters before God and help them to enter the truth realities, that these things lead and pull every person forward, holding their hands while teaching, supporting, and supplying them. When it comes to the implementation of the work arrangements, regardless of whether it is carrying out specific fellowship on this during gatherings, or spreading it by word of mouth, the aim is to enable God’s chosen people to experience God’s work, and to gain true life entry, and it is always beneficial to the life entry of God’s chosen people. There is not a single arrangement that is detrimental to the work of God’s house or the life entry of God’s chosen people, and none of the arrangements create disturbances or destruction. And yet, the antichrists never respect these work arrangements or implement them. Instead, they despise them, thinking that they are too simple and unremarkable, that they are not as impressive as how they themselves work, and that they will not receive greater benefits to their prestige, status, and reputation while doing this work. As a result, they never listen to the work arrangements or accept them, let alone implement them. Instead, they do things their own way. Based on this, tell Me, do antichrists merely not pursue the truth? From this point, you can clearly see that they hate the truth. If it is said that they hate the truth, you won’t be able to see through to this, but by looking at how those antichrists approach the implementation of the work arrangements, you will be able to gain insight into this. It is very clear that when it comes to how false leaders and workers approach the work arrangements, at most, they just go through the motions, talk about the work arrangements once, and that’s it. They do not carry out the subsequent follow-up and monitoring, or the specific work properly. These are false leaders. False leaders, at least, can still implement the work arrangements, go through the motions, and maintain them. Antichrists can’t even maintain the work arrangements, they simply refuse to accept or implement them, and instead they do things their own way. What is it they consider? Their own status, fame, and prestige. They consider whether the Above appreciates them, how many brothers and sisters support them, how many people’s hearts they have a place in, how many people’s hearts they rule over, controlling those people, and how many people they have in their grasp. They care about those things. They never consider how to water or supply the brothers and sisters in putting down a foundation on the true way, and they certainly do not consider how the life entry of the brothers and sisters is going, how the brothers and sisters are performing their duties, whether that be spreading the gospel or other kinds of duties, or whether they can act according to the principles, and they’ve never cared about how to bring the brothers and sisters before God. They do not care about those things. Aren’t all these facts laid out right in front of your eyes? Aren’t these the manifestations you can often see in antichrists? Aren’t these facts sufficient proof that these people hate the truth? (Yes.) At all times, the only things that an antichrist cares about are status, fame, and prestige. Say that you put an antichrist in charge of the church life, to enable the brothers and sisters to live a proper church life, and to help them to come to understand the truth and lay down their foundations while living the church life, to possess true belief in God, to come before God, and to gain the ability to live independently, and the faith to perform their duties. That way, the gospel expansion work of God’s house would have some backup forces, and more talented gospel workers could be constantly provided to perform their duties in the expansion of the gospel. Is that how the antichrist would think? They absolutely wouldn’t think in this way. They would say: “What does the church life matter? If everyone lives the church life wholeheartedly, and reads God’s words, and if they all understand the truth, who will listen to my orders? Who will care about me? Who will pay attention to me? I can’t let everyone focus on the church life all the time or become obsessed with it. If everybody is always reading God’s words, and if everyone has come before God, who will be left around me?” Isn’t this the attitude of an antichrist? (Yes.) They think that if they focus on supplying the brothers and sisters in gaining the truth and life, this would be detrimental to their pursuit of prestige, profit, and status. They think to themselves: “If I spend all of my time doing things for the brothers and sisters, will I still have time to pursue prestige, profit, and status? If the brothers and sisters all praise God’s name and follow God, there’ll be no one left to obey me. That would be so awkward for me!” This is the face of an antichrist. Antichrists do not simply fail to pursue the truth; they are extremely averse to the truth. In their subjective consciousnesses, they do not say: “I hate the truth, I hate God, and I hate all work arrangements, statements, and practices that benefit the brothers and sisters.” They won’t say this. They just use some approaches and behaviors to resist the work arrangements of God’s house. So, the essence of these approaches and behaviors is doing things their own way, and making other people all heed and obey them. Consequently, no matter what the house of God does, they will not respect it. Isn’t this the case? (It is.) We have fellowshipped on these manifestations of antichrists quite a lot in the past. You are small in stature, and your understanding of the truth is shallow; antichrists have done so much evil right in front of your eyes, and yet you have failed to discern this. You are foolish and pitiful, numb and dull-witted, impoverished and blind. These are your true manifestations and your true stature. Antichrists cause so much trouble, and cause such great losses to the work of God’s house, and there are still people saying that they should be used to render service. It has caused more harm than good to use them, and yet you do not know to dismiss or handle them—how many years will it take for this stature and these ideas of yours to change? Some people always boast, “I am a person who pursues the truth,” but they cannot discern antichrists when they encounter them, and may even follow those antichrists—where are the manifestations of their pursuit of the truth? They’ve listened to so many sermons, but they still lack discernment. Alright, I’ll finish our fellowship on this subject here, next we’ll speak about our main topic.

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