219 O God, I’m So Indebted to You

1 In days past, I never sought the truth. Coveting grace, I lived a life without meaning. What regret and guilt lies within my heart, I made sacrifices and suffered for God just to gain blessings. I had no real experience or testimony, yet I longed to be raised into heaven before the disasters. Only through judgment did I see the depth of my corruption. I resolved to seek the truth and follow God, but when hardship threatened, I shrunk back in fear. Only God’s words drove me and guided me on. God’s words dissected the truth of my corruption, leaving me ashamed to show my face.

2 I used to toil and rush about for fame, fortune, and status, unable to resist Satan’s temptation. Fraught by worry and indecision, I lost my way, but God’s words guided me back on the right path. O God! I resisted and hurt You so deeply. Only through Your judgment did I realize how valuable it is to gain the truth. I despise myself for being numb, for realizing too late. O God! I will seek fame and fortune no more, I’m ready to practice the truth and do my duty well. O God! Please judge me and cleanse my corruption, let me be pure and live out a semblance of humanity.

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