55 We Are Fortunate to Meet With God’s Coming

1 We are fortunate to meet with God’s coming; we hear His voice. We are fortunate to meet with God’s coming; we attend the feast of the Lamb. We know Almighty God incarnate; we see His wondrous deeds. We understand the mystery of human life; Almighty God’s words are most precious. We eat and drink of God’s words and live before Him; to understand the truth is truly a joy. Through God’s judgment, though it is bitter, comes purification. We gain the truth and the way of eternal life. A life of seeking to love God has no regrets.

2 This life is so blessed; we become people who love God. This life is so blessed; we are praised by God. Fulfilling our duty, testifying to God, and pursuing the truth is most meaningful. Who could be more fortunate? Who could be more blessed? God bestows the truth and life upon us, and we must live for Him. We obtain the truth and testify to God to requite His love.

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