222 I Have Seen God’s Loveliness

1 I heard a familiar voice calling me intermittently. As if awakened from a dream, I looked to see who was calling. The voice was gentle yet stern, carrying an image of such beauty. The words were like a sharp sword piercing my heart and spirit, laying bare the truth of my corruption, and I had nowhere to hide. In distress and disgust, I reflected upon everything I’d done. Competing with God for status in my interactions with Him revealed my lowliness. God is God, after all, and man is still man; I really had no sense. I was arrogant, foolish, and ignorant, and didn’t know myself. I knew no shame and embarrassed myself; my heart was filled with regret. Deeply corrupted by Satan, this was how vile I’d become. Poisoned and steeped in the evil one’s thoughts, I’d lost all humanity. I was revealed to be profoundly corrupted and without a human likeness. Unless I was rid of my corrupt disposition, my service would be in vain. With a head filled with notions and ignorant of God, how could I not resist Him? Thanks to God’s judgment and chastisement, I am cleansed and saved.

2 I am beaten and suffer great pain, yet a loving hand caresses me. God judges me for my rebellion and injustice. I hate myself, a long-time follower of the Lord who did not know God. Seeing now that He is truly righteous and holy, I submit utterly. Judgment and chastisement are God’s love and His blessing. It is only thanks to His salvation by judgment that I have this day. God’s realness and almightiness are fully revealed to humanity. Living in the light now, I know God and see how lovable He is. God is so lovely; with all my heart, I’ll love Him and bear witness to Him forever.

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