223 Life Is Precious

1 The boundless skies, imposing and magnificent, are infinitely wonderful. Oh, men living on this earth, whom should you obey and worship? God’s creation and sovereignty over all things are full of mystery; everywhere we can see the wonder of His deeds. The movement of all things in the universe is entirely in God’s hands, and the blessings and misfortunes of man’s destiny cannot escape their grasp. Life passes by in an instant; we must ensure that our hearts have no regrets. Only if one can know and love God will one’s life be meaningful.

2 Believing in God for many years, I finally understand the truth and know His will. Peace of the heart comes only from living according to God’s words. If people can love each other, their lives will grow richer and richer; worshiping God in spirit and truth brings joy and vitality. Through judgment, I understand the truth and know God’s love. I’ve seen the depth of my corruption; I do not deserve to be called human. The truths expressed by God show me the path of life. By truly loving Him, I am finally living out a life with meaning.

3 God’s appearance in the flesh to work brings the chance of a lifetime. Suffering and undergoing hardships to be perfected is the greatest honor. I undergo judgment to be purified and live out a human likeness. Putting God’s words into practice and entering reality, I gain the truth and life. As created beings, it’s humanity’s bounden duty to worship and submit to God. By expending myself for Him and pursuing the truth, I can gain His blessings. I will fulfill my duty and my mission, preaching and bearing witness to God. If I can receive His approval and be gained by Him, I’ll have no regrets in life.

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