225 I Wish to Offer God My Loyalty

1 When God appeared to work in the flesh, He suffered great humiliation. Humble and hidden, He expressed the truth all for man’s salvation. Nevertheless, when I heard God’s voice, I did not recognize Him, and I followed the elders and pastors in denying and making judgments about His work. God did not punish me for my transgressions, but instead tolerated my disobedience and knocked upon my door. Seeing His compassion toward me, I felt unbearable shame; I truly was not fit to receive God’s love.

2 God’s words pierce my heart like a razor-sharp sword. I see that my arrogance has stripped me of all sense and humanity and that I use notions and imaginings to condemn His appearance and work, blocking so many believers from having a chance to be saved. How truly sinful I am, to resist and make judgments about God. I really deserve to be cursed by Him; I am not fit to live before Him. Undergoing His judgment has awoken me, and my heart is filled with chagrin. I resolve to begin anew, to pursue the truth and satisfy God. God is so kind; it melts the hardness from my heart. I wish to faithfully perform my duty, and ask only that I can bring God comfort. No matter how great the persecution and adversity I might face, I shall be faithful to the very end. I resolve to bear resounding testimony to God and bring Him glory.

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