136 How I Wish to Be With God Every Day

1 On the day we parted with God, He had a smile on His face. He turned and waved to us, and we watched Him go in tearful silence. Because the churches need Him, I could not urge Him to stay. I watched His back recede into the distance and kept His exhortations in my heart. Whenever I am weak, I think of the price God has paid. God’s considerate and tender love and His powerful words stir and warm my heart, redoubling my feeling of indebtedness to God. I hate myself for caring too much about the flesh, and I feel unworthy to live before Him.

2 Whenever I think of God’s love, my heart is doubly encouraged. I want to do my duty to requite God’s love, yet I feel that my stature is too small. When will I grow up and become able to bear witness to God and serve Him? I have steeled my resolve to practice God’s word so that my life will grow quickly. How I want to be by God’s side and confide so many things to Him. Remembering the times we spent gathered together, my heart is filled with sweet bliss. God lives humbly among man, providing us with truth and life. We look up to Him with our hearts; we love Him deeply and yearn to be with Him every day.

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