208 God’s Judgment Is a Blessing

1 Oh God! You express the truth to judge and cleanse mankind, revealing Your love. Your words judge and expose man’s nature; I finally see how corrupt I am. I wish to accept Your judgment and purification so that my satanic dispositions may be transformed. Though I suffer great anguish through trials, Your words are always with me, guiding me. So many times when I was feeling weak and negative, Your words gave me confidence and strength. So many times when I failed and stumbled, Your words lifted me back up. So many times when I was arrogant and disobedient, Your words judged me and shook my heart awake. Only now do I see how precious Your words are, and that they are the supply of my life.

2 You utter words, bestowing the truth, the way, and the life upon mankind. You judge and cleanse humanity, allowing people to gain life; these are all Your blessings. Understanding the truth and casting off our corruption, we can live in the light. Relying on Your words, we stand strong through persecution, hardships, trials, and refinement. We weep when we fail and stumble, but Your words bring comfort and guide us. Following You, undergoing trials and tribulations, though we’ve suffered, we’ve gained the truth. Our dispositions have changed a bit; we now live out a human likeness, all due to Your grace. I am grateful to Your judgment and chastisement for cleansing my corrupt dispositions.

3 You are the truth, the way, and the life; the incarnation is the practical God. All Your words are the truth; they are all necessary in our lives. You pay any price to cleanse and perfect us. You, humble and hidden, work among humans; Your love for mankind is so profound. Your judgment is a blessing of which we have tasted deeply. We have enjoyed so much of Your love; we will never be able to repay it. Though following You brings suffering, we have gained so much. We have gained the truth and life from You; we will love and bear witness to You forever.

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