209 Remorse After Undergoing Judgment

1 Upon undergoing the judgment of Christ’s words, I am overcome with emotion. Every word of God is the truth, and speaks to the truth of mankind’s corruption. Reflecting upon my actions and behavior, I am filled with regret. Arrogant, conceited, selfish, and deceitful, how have I shown any human likeness? Without God’s judgment, I would still believe myself good. It is only thanks to His judgment and revelations that I have awoken, and I now see the depths of my corruption and that I have no conscience or reason. God’s words inspire me to pursue the truth and bring Him comfort.

2 God has expressed so many truths; His will has been made manifest. I just hate that I am so rebellious: Though clearly aware of the truth, I do not practice it. I reflect upon my actions, brimming with satanic philosophies, always thinking myself pretty good, and escaping judgment and chastisement. Time and again, I have been stubborn and rebellious, breaking God’s heart. After being dealt with and pruned many times, I have finally submitted. I know not why submitting to God is so hard. What exactly is at the root of man’s rebelliousness? God’s repeated judgments have saved me, and only now do I appreciate the difficulty of saving corrupt mankind. God’s judgment and chastisement is of such great benefit to man; trials and refinement allow people to truly know themselves. It truly is by the blessings and grace of God that we experience His work.

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