Fourteen Years on the Run

February 15, 2020

Zou Demei is a Christian from Liaoning Province, China. After she and her family began believing in the Lord, she was persecuted and monitored by the CCP. Then, after accepting the work of Almighty God in the last days, she was secretly surveilled, and then forced to flee to escape arrest by the CCP. Later, after she became an important leader in The Church of Almighty God, the CCP offered a large reward for her capture, and charges were filed against her as a national-level criminal. During this period, she fled from place to place, without a fixed residence. She was finally forced to flee to the United States in January of 2017, but was arrested for irregularities with her identity. While in prison, she learned that her parents had been arrested in China, and that her mother had died due to the CCP’s persecution while in detention.

She was fortunate to have escaped abroad, but she was still behind bars when she received the shocking news of the death of a loved one. What was the strength that led her out of these difficult circumstances? What did she experience in 14 years on the run? In this special interview, we’ll hear her story ...

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