Interview with a Christian Persecuted by the CCP: Meeting, but Not Recognizing

May 2, 2020

Chen Siqi is from Anhui Province in China, and she is a Christian. When she was little, she would often nestle into her mom’s arms to learn hymns, and climb onto her dad’s back to go to gatherings. She came from a very happy family. But when she was just 11 years old, her parents’ unexpected arrests shattered her once-harmonious home. Her parents were sentenced and imprisoned by the CCP government for their faith. Chen Siqi had to completely rely on her aging grandparents. Although her parents were later released, the CCP’s continuing pursuit forced them to go on the run. By the time Chen Siqi was able to see them again, ten years had already passed…. What kinds of twists and turns did she and her parents experience? And what supported them through those arduous years?

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