266 Peter’s Love of God

Verse 1

O God!

I’ll remember You, regardless of the place or time.

And no matter when or where, I want to love You,

but my stature is too small, I’m weak and my love is finite,

too meager my sincerity towards You.

Compared to Your love, I am unfit to live.

I wish only that my life is of value,

that not only can I repay Your love,

but I can devote all I have to You.

Chorus 1

If I can satisfy You, then as a creature,

I will ask for no more and I shall be at peace.

Although now I am weak and have no power,

I will not forget Your love or Your counsel.

Verse 2

O God!

You know I’m of small stature, my love is too sparse.

How can I do my best in this situation?

Give me strength and confidence, that I may possess

a purer love for You and give You all of my devotion;

not only can I then repay Your love,

I’ll be more able to experience

all Your chastisement, trials and judgment,

and all Your curses however severe.

Chorus 2

I know You through Your judgment, chastisement and love,

and yet I feel that I’m incapable

of fulfilling Your love, because You are so great.

How can I give all I have to the Creator?

Verse 3

O God!

Man is of childish stature, his conscience is weak,

and all I can achieve is to repay Your love.

I don’t know how to meet Your desires, I just seek

to do all I can, and give You all that I have.

Regardless of Your judgment, Your chastisement,

no matter what You bestow upon me,

in spite of what You may take away,

from the slightest complaint toward You make me free.

Chorus 3

Often I’d grumble when You chastised and judged me,

I could not fulfill Your wishes or gain purity.

My repayment of Your love from compulsion was born,

and at this moment I hate myself even more.

Verse 4

I should not be content with repaying Your love

using my conscience and giving love back.

This is because my thoughts are too corrupt,

and I can’t see You as the Creator.

Because I’m still unfit to love You,

I must cultivate the ability

to devote all that I have to You,

something which I would do willingly.

Chorus 4

I must know all that You have done, and have no choice,

I must see Your love, and be able to give praise,

laud Your holy name, that through me You may gain great glory.

I am willing to stand fast for You in this testimony.

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