265 I Will Spend My Life Alongside God’s Judgment and Chastisement

Verse 1

Oh God! Your love is a precious thing of beauty;

how could I wish in Satan’s hands to live?

Be under its domain when it was You that made me?

If I can be made pure, and give You all I have to give,

I’m willing to live amid Your chastisement,

for I hate Satan, and won’t live under its dominion.

Verse 2

Through judging me, You show Your righteous disposition;

I have not the slightest complaint and am content.

If I am able to perform a creature’s duty,

I would live my whole life amid Your judgment,

so I’ll come to know Your righteous disposition,

and will rid myself of Satan’s influence.

Chorus 1

Though Your chastisement brings me pain,

I won’t live under Satan’s domain.

I refuse to suffer its trickery.

I take joy from living amid Your curses,

and Satan’s blessings make me suffer.

I love You by Your judgment of me, it is bliss to me.

Verse 3

Your chastisement and judgment is righteous and holy;

it’s in order to cleanse me, yet more, it is to save me.

I would live in Your judgment that You may care for me.

I will not live under the domain of Satan.

I wish to be cleansed by You even if I suffer hardship;

I refuse by Satan to be tricked or exploited.

Chorus 2

I, this creature, should be used by You,

possessed, judged, chastised, even cursed by You.

My heart sings when You bless me, for I’ve seen Your love.

I am a creature and You are the Creator:

I should not betray You and be used by Satan,

nor should I under its domain live.


Instead of living for Satan,

I should be Your ox, or horse.

I’d rather live chastised by You,

be without physical bliss.

This would bring me enjoyment

even if I lost Your grace.

Even without Your kindness,

nonetheless I still feel blessed,


for Your judgment and chastisement

are Your best blessing, Your greatest grace.

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