Daily Words of God: Exposing Mankind's Corruption | Excerpt 371

In My eyes, man is the ruler of all things. I have given him no small amount of authority, allowing him to manage all things on earth—the grass upon the mountains, the animals among the forests, and the fish in the water. Yet instead of being happy because of this, man is beset by anxiety. His entire life is one of anguish, and rushing about, and fun added to emptiness, and in his whole life there are no new inventions and creations. No one is able to extricate themselves from this hollow life, no one has ever discovered a life of meaning, and no one has ever experienced a real life. Although the people of today all live beneath My shining light, they know nothing of life in heaven. If I am not merciful toward man and do not save mankind, then all people have come in vain, their lives on earth are without meaning, and they will depart in vain, with nothing to be proud of. The people of every religion, sphere of society, nation, and denomination all know the emptiness on earth, and they all seek Me and await My return—yet who is capable of knowing Me when I arrive? I made all things, I created mankind, and today I have descended among man. Man, however, hits back at Me, and takes revenge on Me. Is the work I do upon man of no benefit to him? Am I really incapable of satisfying man? Why does man reject Me? Why is man so cold and indifferent toward Me? Why is earth covered with corpses? Is this really the state of the world I made for man? Why is it that I have given man incomparable riches, yet he offers Me two empty hands in return? Why does man not truly love Me? Why does he never come before Me? Have all My words really been for nothing? Have My words vanished like heat from water? Why is man unwilling to cooperate with Me? Is the arrival of My day really the moment of man’s death? Could I really destroy man at the time when My kingdom is formed? Why, during My entire management plan, has no one ever grasped My intentions? Why, instead of cherishing the utterances from My mouth, does man loathe and reject them? I condemn no one, but merely cause all people to calm down and carry out the work of self-reflection.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 25

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