162 Running Toward the Path of Light

1 See the myriad wretchedness of the world; Satan has so brutally corrupted mankind. Fumbling and struggling in pain and darkness, how could mankind find the path of light in life? Luckily, Almighty God expresses the truth; I’ve heard God’s voice and come back before Him. I bear witness to Christ of the last days’ appearance and work, yet I suffer the CCP’s pursuit and persecution. I often pray through the dark night, and God’s words give me faith and strength. To save mankind, God endures great humiliation; to be able to suffer with Christ is such a great honor. I’m blessed to hear God’s utterances, and if I couldn’t gain the truth, this life would be nothing but regret. No matter the dangers and difficulties that lie ahead, I will give up everything to follow Christ to the end of the road.

2 In the dark and terrible CCP prison, in torture I hovered between life and death. God’s words gave me comfort and encouragement in my despair. Feeling God’s love, I cried rivers. I saw God had cared for and protected me at all times, and I knew the authority and power of His words. The devil’s prison was like hell; I was in pain but grew closer to God. Through persecution, tribulation, and trials, I have finally seen the CCP’s satanic face. The king of devils is in power—it lies and cheats, tempting people into depravity. Christ of the last days has appeared and done His work, bringing mankind light and truth. Those with a heart and spirit must choose truth and righteousness, even if it means giving up their life. Firmly believing that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, I run toward the path of light in life.

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