161 The Words in Christians’ Hearts

1 Why is it so hard to believe in God and testify to God in China? Why does the CCP have such extreme hate for God and Christians? The Constitution stipulates freedom of religious belief—why does the CCP persecute and arrest Christians? So many brothers and sisters have been tracked and monitored by the police; so many have been thrown in prison and tortured to death; so many have been forced to flee their homes. Faith in God is clearly the right path in life, yet it is vilified and maligned; followers of Christ who bear witness to God are arrested and persecuted. If two or three people speak of their belief in God, they are condemned for holding an illegal gathering. When we gather to read the words of God, we are accused of disturbing the public order. Cameras proliferate in every street and lane, plainclothes officers and spies are everywhere, and, if we are the least bit careless, we believers in God may be arrested and imprisoned. When can we assemble and read the words of God without worry? My heart weeps. It is right and proper to believe in God, to follow and testify to Christ. I am a Christian, and I long for a world of freedom!

2 The CCP has been relentless in its hostility to God and tries to eradicate the house churches. It vilifies Christians using the internet and other media; it mobilizes police forces in a rabid hunt for Christians, casting its net far and wide; it encourages the public to report Christians and keep a close eye on us; it stops at nothing in its pursuit of Christ, and will only be happy when Christ is exterminated; it besieges the churches, and leaves Christians with no place to stay. There is nothing unreasonable or illegal in our belief in God and our following Christ; why does the CCP persecute Christians and deprive us of our right to life? Why does it resist and condemn Christ’s expression of the truth to save mankind? Why does it stop people from searching for the truth, from following Christ and walking the right path of human life? Why does it forbid preaching and testifying to the Savior’s arrival among man? What sort of national government is this? Where are the laws, the justice? Where are the human rights? Where is the freedom? China is the devil’s dungeon! It is right and proper to believe in God, to follow and testify to Christ. I am a Christian, and it is my right to choose the way of life!

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