160 A Tumultuous Path Makes Me Even More Resolved

1 For those in China who follow Christ, the road is a tumultuous one. I flee from city to city, unable to find a safe place to stay. I see the lights in countless windows, all glowing with warmth, but I cannot return to my home. I loathe the demons that wield their power to hunt down Christ and are viciously rabid in their persecution of Christians, forcing me to flee hither and thither. Each day, at every moment, I am at risk of being arrested, thrown in prison, and killed. Where is the freedom? Where is the righteousness? Where are the human rights? In every street I walk, I never dare to stop or speak of my faith; each breath suppressed, I am accompanied by anxiety and fear at every step of the way. All those surveillance cameras keep watch, all those plainclothes policemen make secret inquiries, and I have no idea where I’ll be from one moment to the next. I pass my days in the lair of the devil; every day and night is torment and I long, even more, for Christ’s righteous kingdom to appear soon.

2 I have endured so much hardship of adversity and trials, yet I still feel fortunate enough to be able to follow Christ and understand many truths. After experiencing the judgment of God’s words, I see how profoundly corrupted I am; I understand the truth of believing in God, have experienced genuine repentance and change, and I am now calm and at peace. While following Christ, I have spent so many years rushing about, but I am proud to gain the truth and life, and shall never have any regrets, even if I am to be arrested, imprisoned and martyred for God. It is my greatest blessing to experience God’s judgment, be cleansed, and set foot upon the path of salvation. Since I have no doubt that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, following Him along this tumultuous road I have the courage to continue onward. Each time I suffer adversity and persecution, and each moment I am tested or in danger, my life grows. Even if I suffer great torment or have to give my life, I vow to remain faithful to God until my end and bear strong and resounding testimony.

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