205 Shackles

1 I care a great deal about my status in the hearts of others. I like being looked up to by people, and I enjoy being well-regarded. I only endure humiliation and toil to get ahead and lord it over others. And this has become my shackles, constantly binding me.

2 I’ve believed in God for many years, but am still competitive and love to show off. Full of hot air, I preach spiritual theories to trap and deceive others. In my hypocrisy, I offended God’s disposition long ago, and was hated and rejected by Him. I fell into darkness and tasted deeply of the suffering of being bound by fame and fortune.

3 God’s words pierce my heart like a sharp, two-edged sword, laying my nature bare and slicing open my ugly soul. I see that arrogance, self-importance, and a lust for power have become my nature. Scrambling for position by any means necessary, I lost all conscience and reason.

4 Christ is supreme and noble, yet is humble, and never shows off. I am dust, lowly and insignificant, yet am still so conceited and self-righteous. Knowing that God’s disposition is righteous, holy, and lovable, I have nowhere to hide my shame. I feel profoundly how corrupt I am; I do not have a shred of human likeness.

5 Experiencing the judgment of God’s words, I fall prostrate before Him. I am resolved to render service to Him and fulfill my duty, my feet planted firmly on the ground. By forsaking my flesh and practicing the truth, my satanic disposition is being cleansed. God’s judgment and chastisement have saved me; I thank and praise God!

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