Trials and Tribulations

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Why Does God Let Us Experience Trials and Refinement?

By Li TongMany Christians feel confused: God is love and He is almighty, so why does He allow us to suffer? Could it be that He has abandoned us? This question always used to puzzle me, but lately, through prayer and see…

May 25, 2019

God Helped Me Pass Through the Trial of Illness

By Yiming, Hubei Province Contents I Rejoice to Be Reunited With the Lord Illness Strikes, and My Deplorable Motives Are Exposed Death Approaches and God’s Words Strengthen My Faith I Entrust My Life and Death to Go…

November 16, 2018

Persecution and Adversity Helped Me to Grow Up

By Baituo, Shandong ProvinceI’m an ordinary Christian in The Church of Almighty God, and I’ve followed my mother in her belief in God since I was small. But belief in God in China always goes hand-in-hand with persecutio…

March 3, 2015

God’s Words Removed My Notions

By Xiao Rui, Sichuan ProvinceWhen my duty in The Church of Almighty God was preaching the gospel, while doing this I encountered religious leaders who bore false witness to frantically resist, disturb, and block people’s…

March 2, 2015

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