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God Helped Me Pass Through the Trial of Illness

Each time I became negative and weak and I lost my faith, God’s words led and guided me, giving me faith and strength. With God as my staunch backup, I would no longer be fainthearted and afraid. Full Text

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Competing in This Way, I Benefit Tremendously (Audio Essay)

Thank God for guiding me to see through Satan’s crafty schemes! From now on, I will pray to God, rely on God more and I will stand witness in every fight. I will definitely follow God unswervingly to the end! All the glo… Full Text


Fleeing From the “Tiger’s Den” (Part 1) Audio Essay

I have experienced for myself that God’s words are the truth, the way and the life. Moreover, I am more certain that Almighty God is the true God. I am resolute in my belief and regardless of how they disturb me, I will … Full Text

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Fleeing From the “Tiger’s Den” (Part 2) Audio Essay

Now I know what is good and what is evil, what is beauty and what is ugliness. My faith in God has been hardened and I have become closer to God. Pain is truly God’s blessing! In my future life of faith, I am willing to … Full Text

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Trials Call for Faith

IWhen trials come people can be weak, negative feelings can rise within. They may lack clarity on the will of Godor the path that's best for them to practice.But you must have faith in God's work, just like Job,who was w… Full Text

The Light Is Warm When Passing Through the Tunnel

God is in front carrying out the work of saving man, and Satan is in the back, disturbing and destroying it. It is constantly vying for man with God, and this is especially true during God’s final stage of work in comple… Full Text

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On what does God base His conclusion of a person’s end?

God has never used units of time to establish a person’s outcome, and He has never used the amount of suffering endured by someone to establish their outcome. Then what does God use as a standard for establishing man’s o… Full Text


What is the rapture before the disaster? What is an overcomer who is made complete before the disaster?

In the past, in religious circles exegetical scholars said in relation to the final rapture, “The church will be taken up before the disaster,”...see that rapture before the disaster has not been verified, and then they … Full Text

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How should people experience God’s judgment and chastisement in order to be saved?

How to experience God’s judgment and chastisement to gain the truth and life, and get rid of our sinful nature to achieve salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven, ...The work of God in the last days is judging through … Full Text


Breaking Through the Fog to See the Light

This is actually a spiritual struggle. God expresses the truth in the last days in order to save mankind, but Satan thinks up every conceivable way to use pressure and persecution by my son, daughter in law, and the CCP … Full Text

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What God Wants in Trials Is Man's True Heart

IAs a new follower, your reliance is low;it’s hard to know what to do when you are new to the truth.In the face of your trials, you can pray sincerely,let God rule your heart, give all you hold dear. The more you listen,… Full Text

Why Does the CCP So Frantically Suppress and Cruelly Persecute the Church of Almighty God?

The CCP government has plotted for a long time to suppress and massacre Christians of the Church of Almighty God without restraint, and to rouse the populace of the whole country to rise up in a standoff with God. And th… Full Text


Love God Without Regrets | Praise Song | "Follow God Along the Rough Path" (Gospel Music Video)

Embarking on the Path of Belief in God

“True faith in God means experiencing the words and work of God based on a belief that God holds sovereignty over all things. So you shall be freed of your corrupt disposition, shall fulfill the desire of God, and shall … Full Text


Through the Great Tribulation, I Have Reaped Great Benefits

God’s wonderful arrangements allowed us to unwittingly enter the tribulation and to unwittingly rise out of the tribulation. The harvest we reaped from this was clear and easy to see. Through the tribulation, we can see … Full Text

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Persecution and Adversity Helped Me to Grow Up

Through this environment, God wrought His truth and what He is in life inside me, so that not only did I not give up because of the persecution of the great red dragon but, on the contrary, I obtained the truth that God … Full Text

God’s Words Led Me Out of the Woods

God uses these difficulties to allow us to taste the hardships of His own work, to allow us to see with our own eyes His will to save mankind to the greatest extent possible, thus recognizing God’s kindness and beauty. G… Full Text

Why must believers accept God’s trial and refinement in addition to His judgment and chastisement?

Bible Reference:“And he said, Go your way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wic… Full Text

The Significance of God’s Work of Trials and Refinement.

4. The Significance of God’s Work of Trials and Refinement.Relevant Words of God:What internal state in people are these trials aimed at? They are targeted at the rebellious disposition in people that is incapable of sa… Full Text