Trials and Tribulations

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How to Build Faith in God

What is having faith in God? This article will tell you what is a true belief in God. Read now, and you will understand how to have faith that God will praise.

May 20, 2019

How Should Christians Practice When Sickness Befalls?

When we get sick, only by understanding what God’s intention is behind our getting sick and by mastering four principles of practice can we resolve our feelings of unease, panic and helplessness, and generate true faith …

May 1, 2019

God Helped Me Pass Through the Trial of Illness

Each time I became negative and weak and I lost my faith, God’s words led and guided me, giving me faith and strength. With God as my staunch backup, I would no longer be fainthearted and afraid.

November 16, 2018

Persecution and Adversity Helped Me to Grow Up

Through this environment, God wrought His truth and what He is in life inside me, so that not only did I not give up because of the persecution of the great red dragon but, on the contrary, I obtained the truth that God …

March 3, 2015

God’s Words Removed My Notions

God uses these difficulties to allow us to taste the hardships of His own work, to allow us to see with our own eyes His will to save mankind to the greatest extent possible, thus recognizing God’s kindness and beauty. G…

March 2, 2015