Learning How to Distinguish the False Way From the True Way, I Welcomed God’s Return

August 1, 2019

By Xinkao, United States

Editor’s Note: I’m sure many Catholics have observed how unorthodox practices within the church occur with ever increasing frequency, parishioners seem weak in their faith and the church seems ever more bleak and desolate. Some Catholics would like to look elsewhere for a church that has the work of the Holy Spirit, but because the priests are always saying they must be wary of the false way, they don’t dare seek and investigate. Sister Xinkao, however, actively investigated the church that has the work of the Holy Spirit, learned how to distinguish between the true and false way and welcomed the return of the Lord Jesus. Want to know more about her experiences? Read on to hear her story …

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A Bleak and Desolate Church, Feeling Lost and Directionless
Why the Church Had Become Bleak and Desolate
How to Determine the True way (1)
How to Determine the True Way (2)
How to Determine the True Way (3)
Why the Priests Condemned the True Way
Leaving the Church and Joyfully Welcoming God’s Return

A Bleak and Desolate Church, Feeling Lost and Directionless

Before I put my faith in God, I came under the influence of certain unhealthy social trends that led me to begin gambling and, in the process, not only lost money but also developed several health conditions that left me in suffering and agony. In 1998, after converting to Catholicism, I quit gambling and my health improved as well. In the years that followed, I continued to pray every day, did morning and evening recitations, attended mass and felt very joyful and grounded. In 2011, I immigrated to America and, although I was often busy and fatigued with work, I continued to attend masses. At that time, the priests would often say to us, “Eastern Lightning claims that God has already returned, but you mustn’t believe them and you shouldn’t attend the masses of groups you are unfamiliar with. There are many now preaching the false way—if you are stolen from the true way partway through your journey and betray God, not only will you have believed in vain, you’ll also be doomed to hell….” I thought to myself, “I’ve enjoyed God’s good grace, so I mustn’t betray Him with ungratefulness and disloyalty—that would be unconscionable! My stature is small and I’m incapable of discernment, so I’d best not associate with people from other denominations. That way I won’t get mixed up with people preaching the false way.” After that, I closed myself off and never told anyone from other denominations that I believed in God. I just kept on attending mass at church.

However, I slowly began to observe that our church had succumbed to heterodoxy. Some of my old friends from church had started bringing their family’s ancestral tablets to church, placing them on the altar and making offerings with incense. I thought to myself, “Isn’t the church a place to worship God? Why are you worshiping your deceased ancestors here? This isn’t in keeping with God’s commandments!” Our priests, however, didn’t stop them from acting in this way, which left me feeling very disappointed. What’s more, during mass, attendance was often sparse and those that did come would doze off or play on their phones. Worship of God had been reduced to a mere routine performance of ceremony and a kind of going through the motions. If our priests weren’t emphasizing the need to be wary of the false way, they would just be talking about raising money to build a new church and often forced parishioners to make donations. The priests would post the donator’s name and amount donated on the wall for all to see. This particular practice made me very uncomfortable and I began to question, “Is there something wrong with this church? Other churches probably don’t have these kinds of practices? Maybe I should check out some of the other churches?” However, thinking back to how the priests were always saying to be wary of the false way, I again hesitated …

Why the Church Had Become Bleak and Desolate

In May of 2018, I met Sister Li. We often discussed the Bible together and we held similar views with regard to much of what was going on in the church. We got along very well, and so I shared with her my idea of going to check out some other churches. Sister Li said she knew a brother who gave very good sermons and asked me to come listen with her. I happily agreed.

A few days later, I met Brother Liu and a few other sisters while visiting Sister Li at her house. When the topic got around to the current situation at the church, I confided in them with regard to some of my recent confusions, “Brother Liu, why has the church become so bleak and desolate? Why is it that the priests allow people to place their ancestral tablets on the altar and even let them make incense offerings?”

Brother Liu fellowshiped saying, “Sister, you’ve brought up a key issue. The church has become so desolate. Unorthodox practices abound, the priests don’t keep the commandments, don’t put God’s word into practice and their sermons lack authenticity. What’s more, parishioners are weak in their faith and even when there are meetings people just seem to be going through the motions and not truly worshiping God. They live in sin and without the discipline of the Holy Spirit…. This shows that the church has been bleak and desolate for some time now and lacks the workings of the Holy Spirit. Thinking back to the Age of Law, the temple of that time was at first full of God’s glory, no one dared defy God’s honor, and all abided by law within the temple. Later, once the Holy Spirit had ceased to work within the temple, it became a messy, dirty marketplace where oxen, sheep and pigeons were sold. It seems now that the situation in the church is not that different from the temple of the late period of the Age of Law. So why is it that the church has fallen into this kind of predicament? The reason, actually, is that God has already begun a new work in a different place and so the Holy Spirit has ceased to guard the old work and has moved onto the new one. We haven’t kept up with God’s newest work, our spirits have not been supplied, we don’t fear God, we’ve displeased Him but haven’t been reprimanded and disciplined by the Holy Spirit and so our spiritual situation grows ever darker. This fulfills the following prophecy from the Bible, ‘I also have withholden the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: and I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it not to rain upon another city: one piece was rained upon: and the piece whereupon I rained not, withered. And two and three cities went to one city to drink water, and were not filled: yet you returned not to me, saith the Lord(Amos 4:7–8). Jesus Christ does the work of sowing seeds. He has been sowing His seeds for over two thousand years. Now, in the last days, when the time of the harvest is upon us, God has already left the church and has begun the work of harvesting in the new age. The phrases ‘rain upon one city’ and ‘one piece was rained upon’ refer to the church which has the work of the Holy Spirit. Only by keeping pace with God’s footsteps and accepting His new work may we receive the work of the Holy Spirit.”

I thought it very possible that the Holy Spirit had left the church as Brother Liu had claimed. For, if the church really had the work of the Holy Spirit, its parishioners would all follow the rules of the church, abide by God’s teachings and wouldn’t dare do anything to displease God. Currently, however, parishioners worshiped false idols without being disciplined by the Holy Spirit. Thus, it seemed to me that the church had truly descended into desolation and bleakness.

Next, Brother Liu took a pen and paper and drew a picture illustrating the three stages of the work of God’s salvation of mankind (the Age of Law, the Age of Grace and the Age of Kingdom). He gave a detailed description of the background, content, meaning and achieved effect of every stage of His work. I had never heard any priest talk in this way and I found his fellowship supplied me and was particularly refreshing. Afterward, Brother Liu testified to me that God had already returned and was called Almighty God, had already issued many millions of words and is doing the work of judgment and purifying, which is a new stage of God’s work based on the foundation of the work of redemption. At this point, I realized that Brother Liu was preaching the doctrines of Eastern Lightning. Remembering that our priests had condemned Eastern Lightning as a false way, I put up my guard against Brother Liu and barely listened to anything he said from that point on.

How to Determine the True way (1)

After that first meeting, Sister Li invited me to come listen to another sermon, but I made an excuse and declined. However, I felt unsettled and conflicted after rejecting her. I thought, “The priests said Eastern Lightning is a false way, but having listened to their sermons, I can’t find anything wrong with what they say. What’s more, Brother Liu spoke reasonably and provided ample evidence to back himself up. God is the Sower of seeds—if He doesn’t harvest from the seeds that He’s sown, His work will have been in vain. Brother Liu also said that the work that Almighty God is doing is the work of harvesting. If this is the true way and I reject it instead of seeking, won’t I have lost God’s salvation in the last days? This won’t do, I must find the answers to my questions!” Having made this resolution, I contacted Sister Li and arranged to go listen to another sermon with her. When I saw Brother Liu, I hurriedly asked him, “Brother, our priests have said that in the last days there are many preaching the false way, and they told us not to listen to the sermons of other denominations, especially Eastern Lightning, lest we be deceived. However, I found what you’ve said to be very illuminating and I’d like to seek once more. How can I be sure that Almighty God’s work in the last days is the true way?”

Brother Liu smiled and said, “Thanks be to God! Distinguishing between the true way and false way is a very important aspect of the truth. If we can understand this aspect of the truth, we won’t be easily deceived and can seek and discover the true way and welcome God’s return in a timely fashion. Almighty God’s word explains this aspect of the truth very clearly. Let’s have a look.” Brother Liu opened up a document on his computer as he spoke and then read the following: “What is the most basic principle in seeking the true way? You have to look at whether or not there is the work of the Holy Spirit in this way, whether or not these words are the expression of the truth, who is testified to, and what it can bring you. Distinguishing between the true way and the false way requires several aspects of basic knowledge, the most fundamental of which is to tell whether or not the work of the Holy Spirit is present therein. For the substance of people’s belief in God is the belief in the Spirit of God, and even their belief in God incarnate is because this flesh is the embodiment of the Spirit of God, which means that such belief is still belief in the Spirit. There are differences between the Spirit and the flesh, but because this flesh comes from the Spirit, and is the Word become flesh, thus what man believes in is still the inherent substance of God. So, in distinguishing whether or not it is the true way, above all you must look at whether or not it has the work of the Holy Spirit, after which you must look at whether or not there is truth in this way. The truth is the life disposition of normal humanity, which is to say, that which was required of man when God created him in the beginning, namely, normal humanity in its entirety (including human sense, insight, wisdom, and the basic knowledge of being man). That is, you need to look at whether or not this way can lead people into a life of normal humanity, whether or not the truth that is spoken of is required according to the reality of normal humanity, whether or not this truth is practical and real, and whether or not it is most timely. If there is truth, then it is able to lead people into normal and real experiences; people, furthermore, become ever more normal, their human sense becomes ever more complete, their life in the flesh and the spiritual life become ever more orderly, and their emotions become ever more normal. This is the second principle. There is one other principle, which is whether or not people have an increasing knowledge of God, and whether or not experiencing such work and truth can inspire a love of God in them and bring them ever closer to God. In this it can be measured whether or not this way is the true way(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Those Who Know God and His Work Can Satisfy God).

Brother Liu fellowshiped saying, “Sister, Almighty God’s word clearly delineates the three principles for distinguishing the true way. First, we must see if this way has the work of the Holy Spirit. We all know that the true way must have the work of the Holy Spirit. When people accept this way, their belief in God and love for God become ever greater and the church flourishes to an ever larger extent. This is just like when the Lord Jesus came to perform His work, as long as the sisters and brothers followed the Lord’s teachings they would receive the Holy Spirit’s illumination and guidance and would be disciplined and reprimanded should they go against the Lord. Those brothers and sisters that truly believed in God enjoyed the workings of the Holy Spirit and felt grounded, peaceful and full of joy. Their faith in God grew ever deeper and no matter what kind of adversity they faced, they persisted in reading scripture, attending Mass, and spreading the gospel. What’s more, no matter how the Roman government and the Pharisees condemned and coerced, the gospel of the Lord Jesus continued to spread on a grand scale and the number of His followers swelled with every passing day. In the last days, the Lord Jesus has returned in the flesh to issue His words and do the work of judgment and purification. We brothers and sisters follow Almighty God’s work in the last days, read Almighty God’s word and have all enjoyed the supply of the living water of life. Whenever we encounter difficulties we pray to God seeking and God guides and illuminates us, allowing us to understand the truth and showing us on which path we should tread. When, however, we don’t obey God’s word, but act according to our own notions, God orchestrates various situations, people, things and circumstances to chasten and discipline us, allowing us to recognize our corruption, seek the truth, understand God’s intention, and be willing to betray our own corruption and act according to God’s word. Through repeated experiences of God’s work, we see how God is the true and living God and gradually come to fear Him in our hearts as our faith in Him grows ever deeper. Despite the attacks and judgments of the religious world and the vicious persecution led by the CCP, our brothers and sisters still steadfastly continue to follow Almighty God and actively spread God’s kingdom gospel. What’s more, even as The Church of Almighty God has been subject to the persecution of the religious world and the CCP government, it continues to flourish to a greater and greater extent. In just twenty-odd short years, God’s kingdom gospel has not only spread across the whole of mainland China, but has even expanded to a multitude of countries overseas. This is all the result of God’s work. That which comes from God is bound to flourish!”

I found Almighty God’s word and Brother Liu’s fellowship to be very reasonable—the true way invariably has the work of the Holy Spirit. Thinking back to when I first began believing in God, my faith was deep, I enjoyed prayer and reading scripture and could feel the Holy Spirit guiding and illuminating me. Now, however, I couldn’t feel the presence of God and my faith was weak. What’s more, I noticed that others had experienced the same issue: The priests’ sermons were unilluminating, my church friends followed common societal trends and made incense offerings to their ancestors. The church was in a state of upheaval. Brother Liu, by contrast, had accepted Almighty God’s work in the last days, understood much of the truth, and fellowshiped in an illuminating fashion, making insights that I hadn’t previously heard or had failed to understand. Furthermore, The Church of Almighty God was flourishing. No matter how the religious world spread lies and attacked them, Almighty God’s kingdom gospel continued to spread throughout the world. Could Almighty God’s work really be the true way?

How to Determine the True Way (2)

Brother Liu continued his fellowship, saying, “The second principle in determining the true way is to see if this way has truth. If it has truth, it should be able to direct people onto the right path, allowing them to live with an increasingly normal conscience, reason and humanity. This is like when the Lord Jesus came to do His work and issue the way of repentance, exhorting us to love God with all our heart and mind and teaching us to be patient, forbearing in our interactions with others, to love others as we love ourselves and to forgive others seventy times seven times, etc. We act in accordance with the Lord Jesus’ word and abandon everything to expend ourselves and travel all around for God. What’s more, we have more and more love and patience for our fellow man and do many good deeds. In the last days, building off of the work of redemption, Almighty God has issued all the truths which allow us to be free from sin and attain purity. These words expose the factual reality of man’s corruption by Satan. They expose how man has rebelled and resisted God, how he turns his belief in God into a form of transaction, how people engage in connivance and intrigue, and how they murder each other in cold blood, etc. At the same time, Almighty God’s word shows us the way to change our life disposition: For instance, it shows us how to live out our normal humanity, how to be honest people, how to serve God, be loyal to God and obey Him, etc. As our brothers and sisters experience the judgment and chastisement of God’s word and begin to understand the true nature of their corruption and the source of their resistance to God, as they see that they have been nearly irredeemably corrupted by Satan, lack the semblance of a real person and begin to hate and rebel against their own satanic disposition and focus on practicing the truth, their life disposition begins to change to various degrees. The life experience testimony articles written by our brothers and sisters have all been posted on The Church of Almighty God website as a resource for anyone who is investigating and seeking the true way. Some of our brothers’ and sisters’ experiences have even been made into films as testimonies to God’s love and salvation. From the experiences of our brothers and sisters, we can clearly see that the words issued by Almighty God are the life, the truth, and the way and can change, purify and save mankind.

“With regards to these things, I’ve also drawn some insights from my own experiences. In the past, I often saw the fact that I had been a believer for many years and had a fair amount of knowledge about the Bible as an advantage I had over others. I always thought I was better than everyone else. While working at the church, I never really considered the opinions and suggestions of my brothers and sisters. I just thought that my ideas were right and so I often acted according to those ideas alone. At home was no different: If my family didn’t obey me I would, in my absurd self-righteousness, blow up in a rage. Whenever I realized that I was living sinfully I would be remorseful, but as soon as the realization passed I’d be back to my old ways. I felt tormented, but couldn’t see a way out. After accepting Almighty God’s work in the last days and through my reading of God’s word, I came to realize that I was living according to the satanic principle, ‘I am my own lord throughout heaven and earth.’ My nature was wildly arrogant—I often flaunted my seniority over others and always thought I understood more than anyone else and so everyone should listen to me, while I never accepted any of their suggestions. I only repressed and damaged my fellow brothers and sisters and my family and had totally lost the conscience and reason required of normal humanity. This not only annoyed others, it also drew God’s disgust. Once I had realized all this, I began to despise myself and was no longer willing to live by my arrogant nature, but sought a path of practice in God’s words. I read a passage of God’s word that says, ‘Do not be self-righteous; take the strengths of others to offset your own deficiencies, watch how others live by God’s words; and see whether their lives, actions, and speech are worth emulating(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 22). These words gave direction to my wayward heart. Now, when cooperating with brothers and sisters in fulfilling our duties, I would pray to God, consciously put my own thoughts aside, diligently listen to other people’s opinions, and absorb the strengths of others. At home I also practiced putting my personal thoughts and considerations aside. I stopped speaking so authoritatively to my family and got along well with everyone. When my wife saw how much I had changed for the better after putting my faith in Almighty God, she also accepted Almighty God’s work in the last days. I knew that the positive changes I had made were all the result of God’s work and I felt that Almighty God’s word is truth, can transform our corrupted dispositions and let us live with an ever greater human semblance.”

Listening to Brother Liu’s experiences, I felt a deep sense of clarity and excitedly said, “Brother Liu, your fellowship has helped me realize that the true way will have the work of the Holy Spirit, and allows our faith in God to grow deeper and deeper and our spiritual situation to continually improve. The true way contains the truth—the truth makes us sin less and less frequently and allows us to live more and more with a human semblance. Though I haven’t yet read the experience testimonies of your brothers and sisters in the church, from the fellowship you just gave, I can already see that Almighty God’s word and work really can change people. I’m willing to continue investigating!”

How to Determine the True Way (3)

When Brother Liu heard this, he excitedly nodded his head and said, “The third principle in determining the true way is to see if this way is capable of making people have an ever greater understanding of God and of making people’s relationships with God ever closer. This is like how the Lord Jesus’ followers were able to observe the Lord’s mercy toward humanity through His work, were deeply moved by His great love, realized that the Lord Jesus was the Redeemer of mankind and were thus willing to abandon everything to follow Him and spread His gospel. Almighty God of the last days has issued the truth, which elucidates God’s intentions and demands for mankind. For instance, God demands that man be honest, that he fear God and shun evil and that he seek the truth and be just. At the same time, Almighty God has also elucidated God’s disposition for us, allowing us to know God’s righteous disposition, His mercy and love, and His holy substance. From God’s word, we understand God’s joys and sorrows, what kind of person God loves and what kind He hates, and we see how God’s disposition is not only loving and merciful, but also majestic, wrathful, righteous and inviolable. This compels man to be fearful and adoring of God in his heart. Right now, many of our brothers and sisters are coming up against great adversity, but they’d happily risk their lives to follow God, expend for God and bear victorious testimony. This is all because they have experienced God’s work in the last days and have attained some of the results that come with true understanding of God. Having said all this, I trust now that we’re all capable of judging whether Almighty God’s work is the true way?”

Why the Priests Condemned the True Way

I nodded and thought to myself, “Almighty God’s word really gives a very clear account of how to distinguish between the false way and the true way. In the past, I only knew that the Lord Jesus was crucified for the redemption of humankind and that His work was the true way. After enjoying the gift of God’s grace and quitting gambling, I had an even more profound sense of God’s great love. However, I had no idea how to distinguish between the true way and the false way. Only today, through fellowshiping Almighty God’s word have I finally understood. It seems Almighty God’s word really is the truth!” Having come to this conclusion, I excitedly said, “Through this fellowship I’ve come to thoroughly understand that, as it turns out, Almighty God’s work is the true way and Almighty God really is the Lord Jesus come again. However, I still have one question: You say that Almighty God is the returned God, so why is it that the priests don’t allow us to investigate Almighty God’s way and even condemn Almighty God’s work in the last days?”

Brother Liu nodded his head and said, “If we understand the essential reason why the Pharisees opposed the Lord Jesus, it won’t be hard to figure out why the priests would prevent you from investigating Almighty God’s way. Sister, let’s read another passage of Almighty God’s word.” As he said this, he opened up the book of God’s word and passed it to me. I read, “Do you wish to know the root of why the Pharisees opposed Jesus? Do you wish to know the substance of the Pharisees? They were full of fantasies about the Messiah. What is more, they believed only that the Messiah would come, yet did not seek the truth of life. And so, even today they still await the Messiah, for they have no knowledge of the way of life, and do not know what the way of truth is. How, say you, could such foolish, stubborn and ignorant people gain God’s blessing? How could they behold the Messiah? They opposed Jesus because they did not know the direction of the Holy Spirit’s work, because they did not know the way of truth spoken by Jesus, and, furthermore, because they did not understand the Messiah. And since they had never seen the Messiah and had never been in the company of the Messiah, they made the mistake of clinging in vain to the name of the Messiah while opposing the substance of the Messiah by any means possible. These Pharisees in substance were stubborn, arrogant, and did not obey the truth. The principle of their belief in God was: No matter how profound Your preaching, no matter how high Your authority, You are not Christ unless You are called the Messiah. Are these views not preposterous and ridiculous?(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. By the Time You Behold the Spiritual Body of Jesus, God Will Have Made Heaven and Earth Anew).

After I finished reading, Brother Liu said: “From Almighty God’s exposition of the Pharisees we can see that the Pharisees were particularly arrogant and self-righteous and they had a truth-hating nature. At that time, the Lord Jesus was doing His work, issuing the way of repentance, healing the sick, casting off evil spirits, and even performed many miracles. Anyone that sought with an open mind could see from the Lord Jesus’ word and work that He was the Messiah of prophecy and thus resolved to follow Him. The Pharisees clearly saw that the Lord Jesus’ word and work had power and authority, but they refused to seek and investigate. Rather, because of their wildly arrogant disposition, they clung to their own philosophies and notions and believed that when the Messiah came He would certainly emerge from the palace with a magisterial bearing and an imposing presence. They believed He would lead them in overthrowing the Roman government. However, when the Lord Jesus came, He was born to a carpenter’s family, had an average appearance and certainly didn’t lead the Pharisees in overthrowing the Roman government. To the contrary, He taught people to be accepting, patient and to love their enemy. For these reasons, the Pharisees condemned the Lord Jesus, saying He was merely man. Especially once the Pharisees observed that Jesus’ followers were growing in numbers, they put all their efforts into spreading lies defaming and condemning the Lord Jesus to protect their own status and income. Eventually, they nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross and suffered God’s punishment.

“As of now, many leaders in the religious world are again playing the role of the Pharisees. Almighty God appeared and has been performing His work for nearly thirty years now. Almighty God’s words were long ago issued through the internet and once those that love the truth, and yearn for and seek God’s appearance saw these words, they came to seek, investigate and eventually accept God’s work in the last days. So why is it that these priests don’t investigate, but rather do all they can to spread lies about, defame, condemn and resist the returned God? Could it really be that they’re trying to protect their brothers and sisters and worry that they’ll be deceived by the false way? Actually, this is just a false justification they use to deceive and entrap believers. If they really took responsibility for the lives of their brothers and sisters, as soon as they heard that God had returned, they would lead the way in seeking and investigating and would fellowship with their brothers and sisters on the truth concerning distinguishing the false way and the true way. However, that’s not what they did. On the contrary, the priests were wildly arrogant and conceited, clinging stubbornly to their own philosophies and notions, clinging to the words of the Bible and even thinking that any claim that God had returned must be false—they barely sought the truth at all. What’s more, they’re terrified that after the brothers and sisters hear the word that Almighty God has issued and accept God’s work in the last days, there will be no one left to follow and worship them and donate money. They’d rather forfeit the lives of countless brothers and sisters than give up their own status and livelihoods. This completely exposes their truth-hating antichrist nature. If we fail to recognize the God-resisting, truth-hating nature and substance of these priests and even follow them in rejecting and condemning the true way, then we’ll be sure to follow them on the road of resisting God while believing in God and will ultimately meet with annihilation!”

After hearing Brother Liu’s fellowship, I understood the root cause of the Pharisees’ resistance and condemnation of God. I also saw how the reason why the priests didn’t let us go listen to sermons in other churches and even condemned God’s work in the last days is because they were afraid that if all the believers welcomed God’s return, there would be no one left to protect them and support them financially. It’s no wonder, then, that the priests were so adamant in preaching about donation and used every possible method to force us to donate. The priests were only concerned about their own status and wealth and forfeited the lives of parishioners with little hesitation. Are they any different from the Pharisees? Thanks be to God for His guidance, which has enabled me to discern something of the truth-hating substance of the priests.

Leaving the Church and Joyfully Welcoming God’s Return

After that meeting, whenever I had time I would meet to fellowship Almighty God’s word with my brothers and sisters and watch The Church of Almighty God’s gospel films. One time, I attended an international meeting of brothers and sisters sharing their life experiences of welcoming God’s return in the last days. One sister shared a story about how her family had been deceived by the lies of the CCP and priests, and had prevented and distracted her from accepting God’s work in the last days. She eventually learned to distinguish lies from the truth through reading Almighty God’s word, which gave her more faith to follow Almighty God. This sister’s experience was very inspiring to me. I thought, “Faced with all these impediments and distractions, this sister was still able to stay strong in her faith and follow Almighty God. She was able to do this through the power invested in her through the word of Almighty God. Almighty God’s word truly has authority and power!” Later on, I watched several more videos detailing the experiences of brothers and sisters who had been arrested and persecuted by the CCP. I was amazed to see how, even in the face of the torture and cruelty of the CCP, these brothers and sisters were able to hold fast to Almighty God’s name, use Almighty God’s word to overcome the cruelty and torture and stand their ground in testimony. This gave me an even greater sense of the authority and power of Almighty God’s word. After a period of seeking and investigation, I confirmed that, without question, Almighty God’s work is the true way and Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus.

As of recently, I’ve already entered into The Church of Almighty God and have become a member of God’s family. I read Almighty God’s word every day and once again feel the bliss of God’s presence and enjoy that feeling of peace and security that came when I first put my faith in God and received the work of the Holy Spirit. Thanks be to Almighty God!

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